Augmented Reality Technology for Sports

Augmented Reality Technology for Sports

Boost fans’ experience and engagement with immersive augmented reality sports apps

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Augmented Reality Experiences in Sports

Sports brands, federations, and teams are using augmented reality to unlock new ways to engage fans wherever they are. From bringing athletes to people’s homes to creating immersive content and getting insights about users’ experiences: augmented reality for sports opens the new horizons.


Immersive AR technology allows sports enthusiasts to connect with their favorite teams, athletes, and brands.


Sports visitors can run and share memorable AR experiences through mobile, tablet, or desktop.


Create tailored AR sports content to entertain, inform, and delight your audience: increase loyalty and conversion.

Sports Augmented Reality apps powered by Wikitude

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: mumokAR - mumok goes Augmented Reality

    Olympic Games in Rio

    Globo Rio app allowed spectators to find athletes and matches in the Olympic Village. With an AR mode, visitors used geolocation to discover matches, check schedule and follow live competition results. The app was installed over 100,000 in just the first two days.

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  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Uffizi Gallery

    UEFA Magic Pic App

    At Europe’s largest football tournament, AR scored a goal! The UEFA magic pic app became the official photo booth for the EURO cup in France. Users could take selfies with UEFA’s mascot, trophies, and flag of their favorite team and share immersive AR experiences inside and outside the stadiums.

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  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Living botanical museum featuring AR wildlife

    Olympic Games in London

    “Join In” official game app provided visitors to the Olympics with everything they would need to fully enjoy the games. Millions of installs have proved the stability and small footprint of the AR technology, as well as its ability to visually customize the interface to match the Game’s branding.

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  • Geo AR Fan token hunt

    The Racing explained app Fan Token AR Hunt uses geolocation technology to place $CHZ and Fan Tokens at millions of ‘points of interest’ across the world, from stadiums to city centers, waiting for fans to find them. Once AR mode is activated, the token appear in AR. It’s now up for grabs – tap to add it to your in-app wallet.

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“UEFA was looking for highly innovative experience for this year’s EURO cup and Wikitude’s technology helped us to deliver that! We could create great memories for football fans inside and outside the stadiums.”
Matthias Kaenzig (CEO) | Jonathan Werner (CTO) | Takondi
“Being standard-compliant, lightweight, and easy to learn were the main criteria we were looking for. One solution that in particular caught our eye was Wikitude SDK.”
Richard Caelius| General Manager Europe, Xomo

Add powerful digital AR Content to leverage Branded Sports Goods, Print, Sports Venues, and More

  • Augmented Reality Object Recognition Icon

    Object & Scene Tracking

    Augment objects and scenes of all sizes: from sports equipment and gear to sports venues and retail stores.

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  • Instant Tracking Icon

    Instant Tracking

    Bring the spirit of on-site even through 3D augmentations of athletes, virtual mascots, and augmented broadcasting.

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  • Image Recognition Icon

    Image Tracking

    Create virtual branded merchandise with augmented flyers, coasters, catalogs, brochures, tags, and magazines.

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  • Location Based Services Icon

    Geo AR

    Augment sports venues of all sizes to provide directions, information, and schedules.

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Wikitude AR SDK

Augmented Reality for Sports Apps

Create Sports AR apps that can recognize, track and augment images, objects, scenes, geographical locations, and much more.

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