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Attach AR content to objects & scenes

Wikitude Object & Scene Tracking

Object Tracking enables real-time 360° augmented reality experiences around physical objects.
Scene Tracking makes it possible to recognize, track and augment feature-rich rooms, scenes, and larger objects.

Object and Scene Tracking is the ideal AR feature for augmenting products, industrial machinery, historical monuments, art pieces, building façades, and more.

Object & Scene Tracking Info


Use CAD & 3D Models for Object Targets

This new input method (available for Unity) is ideal for reflective and feature-poor objects such as vehicles, large-scale industrial machines, home appliances, toys and more.

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object tracking

Object Tracking

Object Tracking introduces a new type of marker-based AR experience. Just like Image Tracking recognizes images and planar surfaces, Object Tracking works with 3D structures and objects. Detection bases on an object’s pre-recorded map. The workflow is simple: take pictures of an object, upload them to Wikitude Studio, embed it into your app. Meanwhile, you can apply for our beta testing to create better 3D Model Object Tracking experiences.

scene tracking

Scene Tracking

This feature evolves from the Object tracking technology. Firstly, scene Tracking advances in recognizing and tracking a wide span of objects and spaces: from small objects to large-scale ones like complex machinery, rooms, buildings, landscapes, and industrial sites. Moreover, this technology also offers more precise localization for more comprehensive recognition demands in gaming, industrial maintenance, and other use cases.


Object & Scene Tracking AR Use Cases

  • object tracking remote ar

    Enterprise augmented reality

    Enterprise use of AR takes production, distribution, maintenance, and remote assistance to the next level. From capturing, sharing, and delivering work instructions and AR content to enabling expert collaboration when and where needed – AR enables innovation and higher ROI.

  • augmented reality customer engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Harness the power of immersive technology and leverage customer engagement in an unprecedented way. For instance, give customers the freedom to “try-before-they-buy”, discover product features, and unlock a new level of engagement with augmented reality.

  • augmented reality sales tools

    Augmented reality sales tools

    A full product catalog in your pocket. Close sales faster by boosting your sales force with AR. Functional and versatile, augmented reality technology equips sales teams with powerful tools that help to inform, engage, and convert customers in an interactive way.

  • augmented reality games and toys

    Augmented games and toys

    Meet the next generation of play. Toy manufacturers and game developers strive to fulfill the ever-evolving expectations of users. AR provides a perfect solution for adding extra value to the physical toys, that can be fully customized and integrated into marketing efforts.

Wikitude SDK

Object & Scene Tracking

Get started with Object & Scene Tracking

  • Download your SDK of choice
  • Register to access your free trial
  • Follow the documentation
  • Upload pictures of your object or scene
  • or alternatively provide your 3D Model (e.g CAD)
  • Get in touch if you have any questions

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