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Wikitude Image Tracking

Image Tracking allows AR apps to detect, track, and augment 2D images. The Multiple Target functionality enables the tracking of more than one image at a time.

The Wikitude AR library works with up to 1000 images that can be recognized offline and with thousands of target images hosted in the cloud.

This AR feature is ideal for augmenting magazines, product packaging, books, user manuals, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards, and more.

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Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • Time magazine cover augmented with image recognition


    Immersive AR solutions have the power to provide an unprecedented level of game engagement. From augmented card games to digital images, this AR feature is a sure way to make players of all ages rediscover the thrill of playing.

  • cards augmneted with image recognition and tracking technology for helping deaf children learn


    As consumer habits and behaviors rapidly shift, augmented digital content help brands to stand out and deliver innovative customer experiences on the spot, directly to the target audience.

  • Media Markt product brochure augmented with Wikitude image recognition and tracking technology

    Art and Museums

    Discover new means of visual communications through augmented reality. AR brings artifacts and art pieces to life, attracting visitors, and drastically improving their experience in museums and galleries.

  • augmented reality: digital information overlaid on car parts using Wikitude image recognition and tracking technology


    Turn individual smartphones into portals to the new worlds. Augmented reality-based customer campaigns leave a lasting impression as they merge real and digital worlds.

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