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Wikitude Image Tracking

Image Tracking allows AR apps to detect, track and augment 2D images. The Multiple Target functionality enables tracking of more than one image at a time.

The Wikitude AR library works with up to 1000 images that can be recognized offline and with thousands of target images hosted in the cloud.

Image Tracking is the ideal AR feature for augmenting magazines, product packaging, books, user manuals, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards, and more.

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Image Tracking Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • Time magazine cover augmented with image recognition

    Interactive Print

    Augmented reality is a game changer for print. Bring magazines, books, packaging and more to life with augmented content. Wikitude Image Tracking allows you to reinvent storytelling and amaze customers by closing the gap between print and digital content. See how TIME, The Washington Post and other iconic companies use image-based AR technology on our showcase page.

  • cards augmneted with image recognition and tracking technology for helping deaf children learn


    The education sector is one of the fast adopters of augmented reality and the technology has already started changing the way students learn and interact with their subject content. Be it in the classroom, library, home, outdoors or within other learning institutions, working with images as targets is a very simple and efficient way to catch the attention and expand the horizons of curious minds.

  • Media Markt product brochure augmented with Wikitude image recognition and tracking technology


    AR mass consumer adoption has already begun, and the variety of applications prove augmented reality is here to stay. Multiple retailers and brands realized the functional perspective of this technology. From transforming the traditional print catalog into a dynamic shopping experience to placing virtual furniture in your home, from digital makeup to digital clothing, AR enables trust and reinforces brand value.

  • augmented reality: digital information overlaid on car parts using Wikitude image recognition and tracking technology

    Manufacturing- Automotive Industry

    Many industrial companies are already leveraging AR to improve their overall business operations, product development, and maintenance services. Beyond internal use cases, AR can highlight the unique selling points of products to the end customer. Car manufacturers are able to improve the showroom experience by adding digital components to vehicles in real time and by enabling customers to interact with them.

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