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Augmented Reality Experiences in Museums

Cultural institutions are using AR technology to better connect with modern day audiences.


Immersive AR experiences allow visitors to dive deeper into a subject, truly connecting to the cause and institution.


Museum visitors can run AR experiences on smart devices and do not require extra equipment to work.


Create tailored AR experiences that will entertain, educate and delight your audience: increase visits and revisits.

Best AR apps for museums

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: mumokAR - mumok goes Augmented Reality

    Mumok – Museumsquartier in Vienna

    Museum façade transforms into digital stage

    The mumokAR app allows users to interact with the AR transformation of the main museum building. The museum itself transforms in to a gigantic urban stage, and several sequences playfully reveal museum related content and information regarding existing and upcoming exhibitions.

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Living botanical museum featuring AR wildlife

    Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden

    Living botanical museum featuring AR wildlife

    During the AR tour, digitally augmented animals seamlessly appear blending in with the garden premises. Each 3D animation is accompanied by a story and a purpose that complements the message that the botanical garden touring specialists want to tell.

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Uffizi Gallery

    Uffizi Gallery in Florence

    Art gallery uses AR to identify 500+ works of art

    Visitors scan artworks to reveal relevant information about the piece and artist. To work around the unstable mobile connection within the museum compound, the company used offline Image Tracking AR technology.

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Philly Insects AR

    Philadelphia Butterfly Pavilion

    Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion

    Life sciences museum is bringing a mural to life by featuring amazing 3D augmentations in the Butterfly Pavilion. The AR app is successfully engaging and impressing visitors with beautiful augmented reality experiences and providing a memorable experience.

Other museum apps powered with Wikitude AR technology

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: The Franklin Institute AR app

    The Franklin Institute

    Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

    The Franklin Institute used AR to enhance its Terracotta Warrior exhibition. The museum’s AR app allowed visitors to use their smartphone to scan items and visualize rich AR content to learn even more about the intriguing history behind the magnificent clay soldiers.

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: The Washington Post AR app

    The Post – Architecture Series

    National Museum – NMAAHC

    Instead of using AR to layer digital content relevant to the exhibitions displayed inside the compound, this museum had its structure and the complexities of its construction featured in an art and architecture series created by The Washington Post.

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Grand Palais AR app

    Grand Palais in Paris

    Robot Art Installation Uses AR

    This AR app was designed to help and entertain visitors before, during and after their visit. Users scan the exhibition catalog to view extra details and scan artwork to trigger unique AR experiences. The AR app also contains in-app purchases and audio guides.

  • Augmented Reality in Museums: Philly Insects AR

    Palais Brongniart in Paris

    AR feature has highest engagement in app

    AR app users could scan photos of French Singer Barbara, displayed outside of the Palais Brongniart, to view interactive content without the need for audio guides, informational booklets, pamphlets, or any other material. The initiative caught a lot of passerby’s attention.

Add Digital AR Content to Statues, Paintings, the Museum Premises and More

  • Augmented Reality Object Recognition Icon

    Object & Scene Tracking

    Augment statues, art pieces, artifacts, toys, specimens, skeletons and architectural elements.

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  • Instant Tracking Icon

    Instant Tracking

    Display 3D augmentations of statues, art pieces, animals, plants, machinery, replicas, and entire collections.

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  • Image Recognition Icon

    Image Tracking

    Augment museum labels, ancient documents, paintings, panels, catalogs, brochures, tags, and magazines.

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  • Location Based Services Icon

    Geo AR

    Augment monuments, gardens, fountains, and buildings to provide directions, prices, facts, info, and schedules.

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