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Hey Apple, what’s it gonna be?

Since last year, Wikitude (and probably 100% of the AR industry) has been waiting for Apple’s BIG Augmented reality news. Tim Cook talks about AR in pretty much every interview he gives, Apple has won several AR patents and acquired different companies in the AR and computer vision sector (Metaio, PrimeSense, Flyby Media...). Latest news from UBS say Apple has over 1,000 engineers working on ... Read more

Can AR help save you from natural disasters? In Japan, yes!

Article by Wikitude partner GrapeCityJapan, Indonesia, the Philippines are among the world’s most disaster-prone countries. In these areas, AR apps can play a critical role in disseminating disaster prevention information and potentially save lives. Kimio Kuga, CEO of Harbor Solutions Inc., is one person making that happen. Below he talks about developing AR disaster prevention apps ... Read more

Product update: Wikitude Studio and Wikitude App

It’s been a long ride since we first launched the Wikitude App, the world’s first AR mobile app, and Wikitude Studio, the easiest AR content management tool in the market. With the launch of our SDK 6 Wikitude started a new chapter in its history, focusing on the development of powerful tools for developers to create ... Read more

Here’s where – and why – markerless augmented reality works

We can all agree that computer vision is a key part of the future of augmented reality, mobile or not. That’s why we’ve been working so hard on our Instant Tracking over the last year. Released this January, Wikitude’s SLAM markerless augmented reality tracking is one of the most versatile 3D-tracking systems available for mobile. ... Read more