Wikitude among top 10% SMEs rated by Early Metrics

A few days after launching the 8th edition of their augmented reality SDK, Wikitude was ranked among the top ten percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) rated by Early Metrics. Wikitude was awarded 84 out of 100 points by the European-based rating agency, maintaining its spot among Early Metrics’ prestigious club of top startups and ... Read more

Introducing Wikitude SDK 8

The newest version of the Wikitude AR development platform is out! Equipped with the largest variety of augmented reality features on the market, Wikitude SDK 8.0 is the go-to tool for developers and businesses that wish to create endless AR possibilities and solutions.Wikitude SDK 8 introduces Scene Recognition, Instant Targets, Unity Live Preview, Windows Support, ... Read more

Track, Save and Share: A Developer View on SDK 8

More than 6 years ago in April 2012 the very first version of the Wikitude SDK found its way to our first customers. So now, after XYZ releases in total, what can one expect from the 8th major market version of an augmented reality SDK? In short: a lot. Wikitude SDK 8 represents a change ... Read more