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Create an AR-furniture app in 5 minutes

Augmented reality apps are becoming more and more popular with furniture manufacturer’s these days. Brands like IKEA, Lowe’s, Bang & Olufsen and Westwing to name a few are betting on this new channel to push sales and to bridge the imagination gap, leading to faster purchasing decisions and fewer returns.These are exactly the arguments that ... Read more

Augmented Reality: Remote Assistance and Maintenance Overview

Make no mistake, the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. While conservative industries are simply observing the action from the sidelines, leading 4.0 industries are already reaping the benefits of their investments in augmented reality (AR) enhanced MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) practices.Continue reading to learn more about how augmented reality is taking preventive, corrective ... Read more

Smart Glasses: use cases, challenges and future potential

Smart glasses, the eyewear technology that layers information onto a user’s field of view, started off operating as simple front-end displays but have been progressing towards being able to perform complex computer powered tasks. This steady improvement in processing performance is, consequently, making this wearable device prove its worth in the market. Differing from the ... Read more

Augmented Reality Halloween App Tutorial

Any light-hearted soul knows that a great part of Halloween fun revolves around pulling pranks on friends and family. You just cannot beat the laughter which follows a well-played prank. And since the season of mischief is upon us, you might be thinking of putting on a mask and sneaking up on someone for the ... Read more