Wikitude and Constantia Flexibles announce strategic partnership to revolutionize consumer packaging with AR

SALZBURG/VIENNA – OCTOBER 15, 2018 – Constantia Flexibles, headquartered in Vienna, is one of the world’s leading producers of flexible packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s customers include international food, pet food, personal care, and pharmaceutical corporations local market leaders.Be it a chocolate bar, a pet food container or a yogurt: the ... Read more

SDK 8.1: Plane detection, support for iOS 12, Android 9 and more

SDK 8 was groundbreaking for the augmented reality community. For the first time, developers could track environments and objects with Scene Recognition, save the AR experiences in their micro clouds and make them persistent and easy to share across devices and users. Today, we’re excited to bring an update to the Wikitude SDK with the ... Read more

Augmented reality through the eyes of an 11-year-old

At first glance, Yuma Soerianto seems to be an ordinary 11-year old boy. He hangs out with friends, plays the piano and trains Taekwondo. But if you look for him online or talk to him you’ll quickly discover his biggest passion: CODING!In fact, just a year ago the world got to meet Yuma, who is ... Read more

Wikitude and V-Play bring AR for Qt developers

Wikitude’s augmented reality technology is now available for Qt-based apps through V-Play. The constant growth of Wikitude’s ecosystem is, among other things, thanks to the wide range of frameworks supported by our SDK. Since 2012, when we released our first AR plugin for PhoneGap, Wikitude’s mission has been to make AR accessible to as many ... Read more