Wikitude SDK 8.5: New Image Recognition Features And Improvements

Image Recognition just got better! Wikitude developers are now able to recognize even more types of targets and can enjoy new SDK features and performance updates. As a result of our latest product improvement cycle, we are proud to present Wikitude SDK 8.5. The update offers even more stability to the platform and introduces two ... Read more

Join Wikitude at AWE USA 2019

Time flies by when you’re creating the future! 🚀10 years ago Wikitude joined the very first Augmented World Expo event in California. Now it’s time to celebrate AWE‘s 10th anniversary. Augmented World Expo – AWE USA 2019 The USA 2019 event promises to be the biggest and most experiential augmented reality and virtual reality conference ... Read more

Instant Tracking: Augmented Reality Uses Cases And How-to

Instant Tracking augmented reality technology makes it possible for AR applications to overlay interactive digital content onto physical surfaces without requiring the use of a predefined marker to kick off the AR experience. To better understand how Instant Tracking works and what is possible to create with it, continue reading to review the following topics: ... Read more

Object & Scene Tracking: Augmented Reality Use Cases and How-to

As augmented reality technology expands its capabilities it is important, as a developer, to be up to date with which AR features are currently available. In this first edition of our new AR-technology series, Wikitude is presenting its main augmented reality features one by one. Starting off with Object & Scene Tracking AR. Object & ... Read more