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Halloween Special: The Dark Side of Augmented Reality

Halloween, nowadays, is most commonly associated with spooky costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, horror movies, excessive amounts of candy and scary pranks. But, what originated this tradition? With a little help from Wikipedia, one soon learns that the word Halloween is actually a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening – the night that precedes the Western Christian ... Read more

Augmented reality In Museums: 6 Success Stories

Museums play an important role in society. They bear the significant task of collecting, preserving, researching and presenting objects and materials of historical importance. This responsibility means that museums traditionally take happenings of the past and display them in a contemporary setting with the purpose of bringing knowledge and enjoyment to the public. Even though ... Read more

ARKit and ARCore – beyond the hype and what’s next for Wikitude

ARKit and ARCore are causing quite a stir in the augmented reality community. After Apple and Google launched their own AR development platforms, the internet has been sizzling with augmented reality inquiries and comparisons between the new software development kits (SDK). The buzz is loud. But, what lies beyond the hype? How are these platforms ... Read more

Augmented Reality 101: development tools and extensions for beginners

Wikitude is well known for supporting a wide range of development frameworks. This characteristic allows our SDK to meet the demands, needs and wants of a greater number of software developers worldwide. When creating an AR app, however, knowing which programming language and framework better suit your platform requirements, performance goals and development abilities can ... Read more