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Powerful Features

Augmneted Reality Object Recognition Icon

Object & Scene Recognition

Object recognition enables real time and 360° augmented reality experiences around real world objects, that were pre-defined by you. With the latest developments, Wikitude launched Scene Recognition, supporting recognition and tracking of larger objects, rooms, and scenes. The feature is based on Wikitude’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine that is also used for Instant Tracking.

Augmented Reality Instant Tracking SLAM Icon

Instant Tracking

The Instant Tracking technology makes it possible for AR applications to overlay digital interactive augmentations on random surfaces, without the need of a marker. Wikitude provides it’s own SLAM based Instant Tracking and, when the devices allow it, it triggers the SMART feature. SMART switches to Google’s ARCore or Apple’s ARKit Instant Tracking, depending on device support.

Image Recognition

The Wikitude SDK embeds in-house built image recognition and tracking technology. It works with up to 1000 images that can be recognized offline. Developers can switch seamlessly between augmenting recognized images and geo-located points of interest within the live camera image.
Geo AR, location based Augmented Reality

Location-Based Services

The Wikitude SDK comes with many convenient features that simplifies working with geo-referenced data. The design and layout of your points of interest are fully customizable to suit your needs. Depending on the use-case, location is used via GPS (Global positioning system), network or beacon.
Augmented Reality Multiple Targets Icon

Multiple Image Target

This feature enables recognition of several images simultaneously. Once the images are recognized, developers will be able to layer 3D models, buttons, videos, images and more on each target. Additionally, augmentations will be able to interact with each other based on the targets’ positions. Multiple image target recognition can be used to bring interactivity to many apps.

Augmented Reality Extended Tracking Icon

Extended Tracking

Extended Tracking allows developers to go beyond image and object targets. Once the target is recognized, users can continue the AR experience by freely moving their devices without the need of keeping the marker in the camera view. This feature shares the same SLAM algorithm as Wikitude’s Instant Tracking feature, providing robust performance for Wikitude-based apps.

augmented reality cloud recognition icon

Cloud Recognition

Wikitude’s Cloud Recognition service allows developers to work with thousands of target images hosted in the cloud. Wikitude’s technology is a scalable solution with very quick response time and high recognition rate.

3D Augmentations

The Wikitude SDK can load and render 3D models in the AR scene imported from your favourite tool like Autodesk® Maya® 3D or Blender. Use the Unity3D plugin to integrate Wikitude’s computer vision engine into a game or application fully based on Unity3D.

Android, iOS and Windows

The Wikitude SDK is available for the major operating systems. We make sure that it’s up to date, even before Google, Apple and Windows push out upgrades of new versions of their systems. Rest assured that your AR app and functionality will run flawlessly on brand new, as well as older devices ensuring maximum utilization of your app.
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Smart Glasses

The Wikitude SDK is also available for a number of leading augmented reality smart glasses. Different smart glass hardware requires differently optimized software. We make sure you get the best AR SDK for Epson Moverio, Vuzix M100 and ODG R-7.

Supported Development Frameworks


Based on the Native API, Wikitude offers a plugin for Unity3D so you can integrate Wikitude’s computer vision engine into a game or application fully based on Unity3D. Read more.
cordova logo

CORDOVA / PhoneGap

Using web technologies, the Wikitude SDK provides the same method of app building found in any Apache Cordova-based framework. Read more.


Similar to Titanium, the core of the Wikitude SDK is based on a sophisticated JavaScript API for creating AR experiences using web technologies. Read more.
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The Wikitude SDK builds heavily on web technologies. This component has been optimized for the Xamarin environment, enabling C# developers to embed an AR view into their project. Read more.

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