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The ultimate AR developing platform

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Create powerful augmented reality apps

Blend the digital and physical worlds with the Wikitude augmented reality SDK.

Unparalleled AR experiences

Attach 2D and 3D content to images, real-world objects and the world around you.

Cross-platform support

Code once, deploy everywhere. Support for Android, iOS, Windows & smart glasses.

Broad framework choice

Develop AR apps in JavaScript, Unity, Cordova, Xamarin, Flutter, & Native API.

Powerful Features

  • Augmented Reality Object Recognition Icon

    Object & Scene Tracking

    Recognize, track, and augment objects, rooms, and scenes.

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  • Instant Tracking Icon

    Instant Tracking

    Detect, track, and augment surfaces, no marker needed.

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  • Image Recognition Icon

    Image Tracking

    Recognize, track, and augment 2D images.

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  • Multiple Image Target Icon

    Multiple Image Targets

    Augment multiple images simultaneously and interactively.

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  • Cloud Recognition Icon

    Cloud Recognition

    Cloud-based image target storage for large-scale AR projects.

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  • Location Based Services Icon

    Geo AR

    Create geo markers to augment geographical points of interest.

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  • Cylinder Tracking Icon

    Cylinder Tracking

    Recognize, track, and augment cylinder targets.

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  • Multiple Object Tracking Icon

    Multiple Object Tracking

    Augment multiple objects simultaneously and interactively.

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  • Multiple Tracker Icon

    Multiple Trackers

    Combine Image, Object and Positional Tracking simultaneously.

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Supported Devices

Cross-platform augmented reality for multiple devices and operating systems.

Smartphone and Tablet Icon

Smartphones and Tablets

Create cross-platform AR experiences for smartphones and tablets across Android, iOS, and Windows.

smartglasses Icon

Smart Glasses

Develop AR apps for industry-proven smart glasses. The Wikitude SDK is currently optimized for Epson Moverio, Hololens and Vuzix.

Check device requirements at a glace.

Multiple Development Frameworks

Wikitude supports a wide variety of development frameworks

Choose the best tools for your AR projects!

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Broad feature set

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Dedicated support

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