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Enter headworn AR with Snapdragon Spaces ™ XR Developer Platform

Leverage the power of Snapdragon® to take your AR experiences to the next level. Create immersive AR content for smart glasses that blurs the lines between physical and virtual.

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Join the first ground-up headworn AR platform supporting OpenXR and building an ecosystem of leading global operators and smartphone OEMs.

Benefit from proven technology, cross-device functionality, familiar 3D tools, and app portability of Unreal and Unity.

Help accelerate the adoption of headworn AR with a thriving XR community that welcomes developers and companies from a wide range of industries and expertise.

Introducing Snapdragon Spaces

Introducing Snapdragon Spaces

Develop immersive experiences for AR glasses and add headworn AR features to Android smartphone apps that transform the world around.

Snapdragon Spaces™ Hardware Development Kit

Explore and order Lenovo Think Reality AR smart glasses and motorola edge+ smartphone kit to power your AR experiences.

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