Fan Token Geo AR hunt Fan Token Geo AR hunt

Fan Token Geo AR hunt gives sport fans the opportunity to collect crypto tokens, earn reward points and unlock unforgettable experiences with their favorite sport clubs.


Powered by the digital currency Chiliz ($CHZ), is a fan engagement and rewards app that allows fans to engage with favorite teams and clubs through digital assets known as Fan Tokens. Supporters use Fan Tokens to vote in exclusive club polls, connect with fans around the world in chat forums, earn VIP rewards and gain access to exclusive club and sponsor-related promotions.


  • Create an immersive AR geocaching game for sports fans

Every sports club that joins generates a supply of Fan Tokens, digital assets that give users the right to vote on club matters. The augmented reality feature Token Hunt allows to collect a limited supply of tokens anywhere in the world – for free. Fan Tokens also act as a membership card for users to access rewards, merchandise and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


  • Engaging Geo AR hunting game for crypto Fan Tokens

AR app: app [ Google Play] Fan Token AR Hunt uses geolocation technology to place $CHZ and Fan Tokens at millions of ‘points of interest’ across the world, from stadiums to city centers, waiting for fans to find them. When users join the Daily Global Hunt, six question mark icons will pop up in the vicinity, regardless of where users are located (usually within a few hundred meters). When users tap on any of the question mark icons, it will be revealed as either $CHZ or Fan Tokens. As you approach the Token, simply tap on it. At this moment, AR mode will be activated and the token will appear in augmented reality. It’s now up for grabs – simply tap to add it to your in-app wallet.


  • Chiliz

Chiliz is a leading international fintech provider in sports and entertainment. The platform enables sports fans and crypto fans to collect and trade Fan Tokens. Chiliz ($CHZ) is a digital currency for sports tokenization, powering the world’s first scalable fan engagement and rewards app.


Geo-based AR allows developers to add interactive and informative digital content to location-based markers. This feature is ideal for gaming, navigation, retail, tourism, communication, and more. The Wikitude AR development framework comes with many convenient features that simplify working with geo-referenced data. Depending on the use case, location is used via GPS, network, or beacon.

Why Wikitude ?

Wikitude is great and allowed us to use AR capabilities in our app on a lot of devices really fast.

Max Orlovsky | Head of Frontend Development |

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