AR Success Stories

Top brands use Wikitude's augmented reality solutions to create engagement and increase productivity. Find out some of their success stories!

SparxWorks: an AR platform for advertisers and publishers

SparxWorks drag-and-drop AR platform allows to create and publish AR experiences that foster unique business opportunities.

Cavanna Support: AR-enhanced remote assistance solution for the packaging solutions leader

Cavanna uses augmented reality (AR) remote assistance app to help customers solve problems in real-time

Air bp Airfield Automation safe2go: award-winning AR solution to prevent aircraft misfuelling

Airfield Automation is a safety-critical application that prevents misfuelling.

AR treasure hunt game

AR treasure hunt combines what children love the most - active play, riddles and game experiences, that bridge play with technology

Escape Fake: AR escape game

Escape Fake is an escape game that helps youngsters to grasp the concepts of fake news and practice critical thinking

Augin: AR visualization for architecture and construction

Augin is a digital platform for AEC professionals and companies to publish and view content in AR Fan Token Geo AR hunt Fan Token Geo AR hunt gives sports fans the opportunity to collect crypto tokens and unlock new experiences

Mojokaii: premium gaming booster goes AR

Mojokaii anime-inspired product labels come to life through an augmented reality app

Architectural discourse meets augmented reality

Research and design collective uses augmented reality to extend the publication content beyond the physical dimension

Wizzzi: AR game-based loyalty program for retailers

Wizzzi is an AR game and loyalty program designed to help retailers increase customer loyalty and retention through interactive functionality

Teaching Programming with AR

Kids learn programming with the help of AR

Gas engine manufacturer INNIO Jenbacher uses AR to attract new talents

INNIO Jenbacher uses AR with added gamification to find new talents and show it has to offer as a future employer

Hedbanz AR app by SpinMaster

"What am I?" guessing game enhanced with AR technology

AR T-shirt – Virtuali-Tee

AR T-Shirt brings the science of anatomy to life

Augmented reality car tracking: Nissan LEAF

Thanks to the Nissan LEAF AR experience, offered at dealerships, visitors can visualize car features and differentials

WorkLink Remote Assistance: Scope AR tool for enterprises

WorkLink Remote Assistance by Scope AR, relies on Wikitude’s markerless tracking technology. It provides enterprises to powerful AR remote assistance solution

Learning languages made easy with AR

Hueber Verlag is creating AR apps to allow students to access audio and video files conveniently, instead of using outdated CDs.

Lufthansa innovates aviation demo with Augmented Reality

Lufthansa Technik is using AR to show customers detailed installation and connectivity solutions

Teaching smartphones how to read: OCR for the Wikitude SDK

Powered by Wikitude, Anyline's OCR SDK enables text recognition on gift cards, bank slips, energy meters and more

The Jim Beam Augmented Reality Experience

AR technology turns a Jim Beam bottle into an interactive stage

Augmented reality product packaging: Herbal Essences AR app

AR bringing awareness to the plastic pollution issue

AR App ‘Game of Games’ Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has AR app to complement her TV show

AR Building Tracking at the Mumok Museum

Mumok museum uses AR Scene Tracking technology to attract visitors in an innovative way.

Travel company TUI tests the use of AR in its activities

Next generation of AR experiences in tourism

The Jack Daniel’s AR Experience

Old N° 7 is augmenting their Tennessee Whiskey bottles

Augmented Reality Cosmetics by Lime Crime

Watch Venus come to life directly on a Lime Crime eyeshadow palette packaging.

Walmart transforms into AR Marvel’s Black Panther Wakanda

Marvel Comics and Walmart partner to create an engaging Black Panther AR experience

Busch-Jaeger Boosts Customer Buying Confidence With AR

Modern AR product presentation helps customers decide which product design suits them best.

Terracotta Warriors meet augmented reality at The Franklin Institute

Terracotta Warriors meet augmented reality at The Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute is using AR to enhance their Terracotta Warrior ...

Disney Mech-X4 Robot Augmented Reality Battle

Bandai America Inc., a leader in developing toys, used Wikitude technology to provide the interactive AR battle experience.

Augmented Reality Dictionary for Learning English

Static illustrations transform into 3D AR animations

Augmented Reality Trading Cards

Dragon-inspired trading cards come to life with augmented reality battling app

Urban AR murals bring civil rights leaders to life

Urban AR amplifies the voices of civil rights leaders in NY

AR app for Woking Food and Drink Festival

AR app and AR treasure hunt game at a food festival in England

Brand Icon Comes To Life With AR

The Francesco Rinaldi AR App deploys the Wikitude SDK to reveal interactive animated content located on their bottle labels.

Building Tracking for digital reconstruction of historical site

Virtual Heritage app uses AR for digital reconstruction

Living Botanical Museum featuring AR wildlife

Living botanical museum featuring AR wildlife AR tour features digital animals coming to life inside botanical greenhouse THE COMPANY Jardin ...

Motorex Gathers 15.000 Guests For An Interactive Factory Tour

Motorex hosted 15,000 Guests For An Interactive AR Factory Tour.

AR App for French Singer Barbara

AR app explores the life of renowned French singer Barbara

AR playing cards by Cartas Chido!

Scan multiple game cards to see augmented characters dancing together

AR App For Printed Magazine

#FollowMe from Mexico offers augmented reality scanning

Accenture boosts event with AR

Accenture wowed executive attendees with immersive AR content

Augmented Reality Simulation by Pepperl+Fuchs

Surge protection safety with augmented reality.

Augmented reality in museums to identify artwork

Image Tracking AR tech: 500+ works of art

Augmented Reality Sewing Patterns by Pattarina

Real-size digital sewing patterns that can be traced directly on fabric.

Porsche Leipzig

Powered by Wikitude, Porsche redesigned the entire Porsche Leipzig "behind the production" experience.

AR in print: ABENTEUER UND REISEN magazine

Printed Magazine includes augmented reality features

Augmented reality stickers Christmas edition by Mardles

Holiday-themed stickers bring interactive digital characters to life

Life sciences museum features 3D AR augmentations in Butterfly Pavilion

Life sciences museum features amazing 3D augmentations in Butterfly Pavilion.

Augmenting UNESCO Heritage with The Washington Post

Augmented Reality helps The Post tell some of their most compelling stories

Fruit Bliss is boosting product packaging with AR

Organic Dried Fruit company innovates packaging with AR scanning

Augmenting Business Cards with SnapCard

AR app is taking professional networking to the next level

Thurgauer Kantonalbank augmented reality (AR) surprise

Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB), a traditional bank with 140 years history wanted to offer their customers a unique birthday greeting: AR cards.

Cosmetic retailer boosting sales with AR magazine

Powered by Wikitude, DOBI beauty retailer is using an AR app to add interactive digital content to its printed magazine & beauty stores.

Dino Mundi augmented reality battle

To promote the Dino Mundi Ultimate AR Battle app exhibitors have created dinosaur stickers that triggered interactive AR experiences.

AR product visualization Electrolux Professional OnE 3DR

“Try-before-you-buy” AR product visualization app

Robot Art Installation Uses Augmented Reality At The Grand Palais

An innovative robot art exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris used AR features to provide visitors with immersive content.

Real Estate agency is listing properties with AR/VR app

AR App helping users locate and learn more about real estate properties

‘Mirage By City Social’, the world’s first augmented reality cocktail

‘Mirage By City Social’, the world’s first augmented reality cocktail, uses Wikitude's engine to bring drinks to life.

The Lenz – Gorillaz AR app by Telekom

The Lenz app transforms magenta surfaces into digital portals which display exclusive content by Gorillaz band.

The Washington Post Winter Olympics AR app

The Washington Post added a 3D AR experience to their classic app for Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang.

Aventuras por Albacete – The Interactive AR Tourism Game

Spanish province of Albacete needed to boost up tourist visitor rate. The solution? Transform the city into a digitally enriched game board!

Metro Romance: AR dating simulation game

This dating simulation game allows players to get text messages from favorite characters or even go on a date with the augmented characters.

AR creatures battling in the real world with the Augmentors Game

Augmentors is the world’s first cross-platform AR game backed by the bitcoin blockchain.

The Washington Post AR Series

The Washington Post is using Wikitude's augmented reality SLAM tech to enhance reporting and storytelling.

TIME Magazine Special (AR) Edition

  TIME Magazine Special Edition TIME Magazine creates special issues of iconic stature to focus on the world’s most important ...

Go Bournemouth Coast AR treasure hunt

Augmented reality app is giving customers a fun reason to visit stores: collect AR characters to complete a treasure hunt mission.

Ribena “Doodle your World” AR app

Ribena “Doodle your World” AR app Ribena has been in the beverage industry for over 75 years. To bring life ...

Roomle: Bring your plan to life with AR

Roomle: Bring your plan to life with AR Augmented reality is the ideal feature for planning and designing rooms and ... Augmented Reality for Print AR for Print – quick and simple brings augmented reality to the publishing world and offers the optimal ...

RecarGO! – Interactive AR Game by Claro Network

Claro El Salvador, the mobile network operator, uses AR treasure hunt game to increase sales, engage users and attract new customers.

Media Markt

Media Markt Retail Engagement App Media Markt wanted to create the ultimate shopper’s app – something that let their customers ...

Olympic Games 2016 – Globo Rio App

Globo Rio, 2016 was the first great Augmented Reality project created in Brazil. Powered by Wikitude, the app brought AR to the 2016 Olympic Games hosted in Rio.... Learn more

UEFA Magic Pic App

At Europe's largest football tournament, augmented reality scored a goal! Powered by Wikitude's SDK, the UEFA magic pic app became the official photo booth for supporters attending the 2016 EURO cup in France.

The Speaking Celt museum experience

“The Speaking Celt" app is a companion app to visitors of the Museum of Celtic Heritage in Salzburg. Serving as a museum guide, the augmented celt appears every time users scan the targets. Learn more

CoCA Pop-Up (AR)t Book

As part of Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art’s ongoing effort to push the boundaries of contemporary art—in this case by bringing new technology to its publications... Learn more

“PeekPerks”, the ultimate mobile app for retail engagement

“PeekPerks”, the ultimate mobile app for retail engagement Peekosa developed the “PeekPerks” app to bring Augmented Reality to retail on ...

Racing Explained app: converting occasional visitors into racing enthusiasts

Racing Explained app: converting occasional visitors into racing enthusiasts The Jockey Club runs 15 of the leading UK racecourses and ...

Dinosaurs invading The St. Louis Science Center

MindActive developed an augmented reality app incorporating dinosaurs and a jungle environment to delight kids. Over 350 photos were uploaded to for the participants to view, print or download.

SAP AR Enterprise Project

End-to-end Mobile Helicopter Maintenance Prototype Leveraging AR Always looking to the future, the SAP® Co-Innovation Lab facilitates project-based co-innovation with ...

One Direction – The augmented story and quiz

One Direction “1D Official Book” Companion App Powered by Wikitude image recognition technology, with the One Direction 1D companion app ...

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Redberry Digital was selected and tasked by 20th Century Fox to develop an accompanying app for the third instalment of the blockbuster "Night at the Museum" franchise.

Lapp Group augmented reality app

Lapp Group worked closely with Wikitude to develop an augmented reality app that utlized our image recognition and 3D modelling technology.

Manor Plus – bringing print to life!

The image recognition technology from Wikitude is powering Switzerland’s largest department store chain, Manor's catalogues.

Augmented Reality at the Chimani National Parks

Chimani is a leading developer of mobile apps aimed at transforming travel to the National Parks and other outdoor destinations with augmented reality technology.

Wien zu Fuß App – Citizen Engagement through AR Game

The Wien zu Fuß app was developed to engage users to walk through the city of Vienna with a fitness, fun and gaming twist with augmented reality.

Apenheul App – Going wild with Augmented Reality

TrickTrack uses Wikitude tech and is the first application that provides you with the right set of tools to increase the level of customer engagement.

Hermes Virtual Tour – Surfing in the past through Augmented Reality

Hermes Virtual Tour is an innovative APP that allows an immersive experience in the world’s artistic heritage through the Augmented Reality.

Osmino – Find free hotspots with Augmented Reality

Using the Wikitude powered Osmino wi-fi app, users can find free wi-fi hotspots anywhere in the world, including turn by turn directions to these locations.

Invisible Light Project – Wikitude and HS Offenburg in the International Year of Light 2015

Hochschule Offenburg launches AR app for the UNESCO Year of Light using the Wikitude SDK geo location feature.


The Augmented Reality solution for the official London Olympcis 2012 app

Direct2Artist – Showcase art with AR

The Direct2Artist app is an innovative AR tool that helps artists from all over the world to bring their art work to clients wherever they go.

Ice Age 4 – Scrat’s Nut Hunt game

Developed by Bliss Interactive for 20th Century Fox, Scrat’s Nut Hunt is an AR powered game

Ford lets you explore a new car with Augmented Reality

Discover highlights of Ford cars' features using Augmented Reality app.

Wikitude Navigation (Turn-by-turn)

Wikitude Navigation is the worlds first and only augmented reality based GPS navigation system. With precise turn-by-turn directions overlaid onto a real world image ...

Roman city Carnuntum alive

Wikitude brings Roman history to life at Carnuntum Working together with 7reasons and Prof. Wolfgang Neubauer from the LBI ArchPro, ...


TripAdvisor features more than 75 million reviews and opinions, all submitted by travelers. And now, when you access the TripAdvisor world via Wikitude, finding the advice ...

Art Gallery AR

Museum Art Gallery AR Exhibition Wikitude and eoVision collaborate to bring visitors the 21st century AR powered art exhibit experience. ...