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Augmented Reality Toy experience feat. Remote Control Carrera® Car

Augmented Reality is shaping the future of play. From physical toys to card games, 2020 has seen a rapid expansion of AR-powered experiences for kids.

To demonstrate how toy manufacturers can leverage the technology, Wikitude created an impressive Augmented Reality Toy experience for a remote control car. It not only shows the reliability of Object Tracking but also introduces innovative simultaneous AR Tracking functions (Object + Image + Positional Tracking).

What is real and what is digitally augmented?

The objective of the toy racer is to complete two full laps in the least amount of time without surpassing the digital boundaries of the augmented track.

Augmented Reality Toy Experience Analysis

Technology Used in the AR Experience

The interaction between the real-world toy car and digital elements is powered by Wikitude Object and Image Tracking augmented reality combined with ARKit and HoloLens Positional Tracking (also compatible with tablets and smartphones).

Augmented Reality Demo with Simultaneous AR Tracking: Object + Image + Positional

Wikitude Object Tracking

Object Target: Carrera® Remote Control Toy Car

With the advances in Wikitude Object Tracking technology, it is possible to create reliable AR experiences that perform exceptionally well even under challenging circumstances.

The Object is detected and continues to be precisely tracked. The interactive augmentations appear in accordance with the toy’s position, speed, and movements.

Augmented Reality Demo: Object Tracking

Object augmentations to take notice:

  • blue target indicating that the object is being tracked
  • exhaust fumes released when the car is parked
  • exhaust flames that react according to direction and speed
  • tire marks on the asphalt

Wikitude Image Tracking

Image Target: Start/Finish Line

The image target plays an important role in the AR demo as it functions as an anchor point to properly position and lock the digital race track in the desired place.

The augmented finish line board also records lap times and lap turns. A ranking board appears at the end of the race as well.

Augmented Reality Demo: Image Tracking

External Positional Tracking 

For this demo, ARKit and HoloLens positional tracking was used. Keep in mind, however, that other Positional Tracking providers like ARCore or our own Wikitude Instant Tracking SLAM technology could have been used as well.

ARKit Positional Tracking: Digital Race Track

The augmented race track and other digital elements remain steady on the physical asphalt.

Augmented Reality Demo: ARKit Positional Tracking

Microsoft HoloLens Positional Tracking

Wikitude has optimized its AR SDK to support Microsoft HoloLens 1 mixed reality headset devices. In this demo it allows racers to visualize the AR experience in real time.

Augmented Reality Demo: Microsoft HoloLens Positional Tracking

Interactive Digital Augmentations

As seen in the images, the race track has a series of extra digital components apart from the track boundaries itself. 

Observe how the toy car knocks down piles of tires, flags, signs and any digital content in its path.

Augmented Reality Demo: Interactive 3D augmentations Tracking

AR Features Running Simultaneously

Below you can see all AR components – object, image and the positional feature being displayed, tracked and working simultaneously.

Check how the flags on the track turn green as the car passes by.

Augmented Reality Demo: Wikitude Object Tracking + Wikitude Image Tracking + External Positional Tracking

360° Object + Image + Positional AR Tracking

Tracking and augmentations remain steady and persistent at any angle.

360 degree Object + Image + Positional Tracking

First seen at AWE – Live AR Demonstration

Many of the attendees of AWE USA 2019 got to see this awesome AR toy experience in action at the Wikitude booth as well as during Wikitude CTO Phil Nagele’s talk

AWE USA 2019 - Live AR Demonstration

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