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Wikitude EDU License

Wikitude is proud to support students, professors and academic institutions that wish to use the Wikitude SDK in an academic context. The Wikitude SDK EDU is our special offering that allows academics to use Wikitude’s full features set for teaching and learning purposes.

How does it work?

Students and professors must complete the application form on the Wikitude Academy page. The Wikitude team will analyse the applicant’s project and eligibility for an EDU license. The final decision will be informed per email.

Apply for EDU license


The Wikitude SDK for educational purposes is available to accredited academic institutions including universities, colleges, vocational/trade schools as well as other education organizations and to individual students and teaching staff. In order to qualify for the EDU license you must be:
  • An actively enrolled student at an accredited academic institution or
  • A professor or staff member currently employed by an accredited academic institution.
Academic institutions that wish to use Wikitude’s technology for teaching purposes please contact us at for a quote.

Restrictions on use

Students and educators are entitled to one license per platform (iOS or Android). The Wikitude EDU license has a time restriction of up to one year and publishing on the App stores is not permitted. The license may not be resold or shared. Subscriptions must be used exclusively by the educator or student.

Follow up:

Wikitude is always interested in knowing what students and professors around the globe have developed with our SDK. If you’re working on something you’d like to share with our community, contact us at

EDU License Application Form

Name *

Academic Institution *

Email *

Desired platform(s) *

Name of the course the license is needed for: *

Category *

Title and description of the project *

Estimated duration of the project *

Android package name and/or iOS bundle identifier *


* these fields are required.

Here is a handful of universities that are already using the Wikitude EDU License


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