June 13, 2019

Augmented Reality SDK for Microsoft HoloLens

Expand the capability of HoloLens with the Wikitude AR SDK: attach digital AR content to images, objects, barcodes, QR codes, and personalized targets with fast, scalable and reliable AR recognition solutions.

More and more industries are investing in mixed reality headset devices to optimize their operational efficiency.

With this in mind, Wikitude has optimized its augmented reality SDK to support and complement one of the leading mixed reality headset devices on the market: Microsoft HoloLens 1.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is an immersive, ergonomic, instinctual, and untethered mixed reality headset device that enables valuable hands-free industry-leading solutions.

An essential part of what makes said solutions efficient, flexible and personalizable is augmented reality technology.

That is why the Microsoft HoloLens 1 mixed reality device offers out-of-the-box augmented reality functionality:

Native AR Functionality in Microsoft HoloLens 1

  • Positional Tracking/Instant Tracking
  • Scene Reconstruction/Plane Detection
  • Cloud/Persistent Anchors
  • Stereoscopic Rendering
  • Calibration

As valuable as these out-of-the-box HoloLens AR functions are, they do not cover a broad spectrum of augmented reality solutions and do not enable image or object recognition and tracking. That is where the Wikitude SDK steps in.

Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens

Get More Out of HoloLens

The Wikitude AR SDK has been optimized to support and complement HoloLens 1 by enabling developers to implement additional augmented reality features into their projects.

Wikitude Augmented Reality Functionality on Hololens 1

  • Image/Multiple Image Recognition
    Attach digital content to images and any trackable 2D surface
  • Object Recognition
    Attach digital content to physical Objects
  • Cloud Recognition
    Fast, scalable and reliable online recognition solution for big projects
  • Plugins API (Barcode and QR code samples)
    Attach digital content to basically anything with personalized targets

This means, when working with the Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens, industries can go beyond and attach digital AR content to images, objects, barcodes, QR codes, and personalized targets.

Image Recognition – Wikitude SDK for HoloLens 1
Multiple Targets – Image Recognition – Wikitude SDK for HoloLens 1
Object Recognition – Wikitude SDK for HoloLens 1

Wikitude AR + HoloLens = Personalized Workforce Solutions

Incorporate Wikitude AR technology in HoloLens to optimize: training, quality management, communication, assembly, maintenance, repair, safety, inspections, communication, product identification, and more.

With applications ranging from digitally augmented step-by-step instruction guides to compliance checklists, to product identification, to instant collaboration, many are the proven benefits of hands-free AR:

  • Reduce: human errors, execution time, breakdowns, downtime, cost
  • Increase: productivity, operation speed, fix rates, compliance, profit

Reliable Augmented Reality

When implementing and investing in projects of this nature, it is essential to choose and work with partners you can trust. Wikitude has not only been developing and providing augmented reality technology since 2008 but has proudly become the world’s leading independent AR platform provider along the way.

Download Wikitude SDK for HoloLens 1: Release Candidate

Sample Application – Wikitude SDK for HoloLens 1

The Wikitude augmented reality software development kit for Microsoft HoloLens 1 is Unity based, comes with a Holographic UI sample app, and is now available!

Access our HoloLens documentation section to start your first steps with the Wikitude SDK all the way through to advanced concepts and examples for developing your augmented reality project.

Put your HoloLens 1 project into action with the Wikitude AR SDK and work with the reliable augmented reality technology you need to create hands-free AR solutions tailored to your business objectives.

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