Augmented Reality Toys

Augmented reality for toys and games


AR opens a magical portal to the new world of play

Augmented reality lets you reinvent every toys category. Merge hands-on play with immersive digital AR experiences.

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augmented reality toys Dinosaurs
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Augmented reality for toys enables a new way for players to explore, collect and interact

  • Multiple Trackers

    Multiplayer games

  • Markerless AR

    Toys, figurines, and plush

  • Augmented Reality Object Recognition Icon

    Real-life kart

  • Image Recognition Icon

    AR trading cards

  • Multiple Image Tracking

    AR card and board games

  • Location Based Services Icon

    AR geocaching

Multiplayer games

Enhance images, toys, and the real world in an immersive augmented reality experience

Download our comprehensive Augmented Reality guide for toy companies

Toy brands are experiencing a shift in play behavior, driven by digital natives. In this report, we will:

  • show why augmented reality is the future for the toy brands
  • explain what’s the AR technology standpoint in 2022
  • provide you with a roadmap to get started
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How toy companies can benefit from augmented reality:

Innovate with digital products

Innovate your products with augmented reality toy solutions

integrate AR in the toy product

Seamlessly integrate AR in the toy product

increase average play time

Increase the average play time

get insights for augmented reality toy customers

Get insights about customer data

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