Top 5 travel apps to enjoy this summer

Summer is upon the Northern Hemisphere and the long warm uplifting days are motivating people to explore the outdoors. Inspired by the great amount of vacation plans murmuring around, Wikitude decided to gather a selection of augmented reality travel apps, ranging from powerful free Wifi finders to detailed park guides, that could potentially take your traveling to the next level.

There are various types of travelers in the world. Some are meticulous researchers that plan ahead to make the best of their time and interests while others are more adventurous and prefer the thrill of surprise when exploring new territory. Within this diversity, however, there is one common ground: every traveler can benefit from using augmented reality travel apps!

Here are five awesome travel apps powered by Wikitude to use this summer. Ps. unbelievable bonus app in the end of the post!

1) eTips Travel Apps

The eTips Travel Apps are arranged by categories: Landmarks, Cities, National Parks and Museums. Apart from providing high-quality travel guides, tailored itineraries and interactive zoomable offline maps, eTips incorporated AR technology in order to bring their content to consumers in an innovative, fun and practical way.

With the location-based AR feature, iOS users can find the advice they search for by simply holding their phone up to get a quick scan of immediate surroundings for an instant interactive augmented reality view of hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. With numerous registered reviews and opinions, this app could definitely come in handy when deciding on accommodation, transportation, activities, eating and more. Explore all eTips destinations by downloading the app.

2) Osmino Free Wi-Fi Finder

Not having frequent access to the Internet, in modern days, seems uncommon and overall awkward, however, many people still struggle with this situation when traveling abroad. To dribble this setback, the Osmino Wi-Fi app offers a great solution to find free internet hotspots around the globe.

With this app, users can scan an area to view augmented reality pinpoints representing the location of free WiFi networks. The app settings include automatic internet connection upon availability, password sharing, and direction pointer for navigating closer to the desired free internet source. A very useful tool for travelers who wish to be connected on the go. Download the app on iOS or Android.

3) National Parks by Chimani

Targeted for those planning to visit one of USA’s national parks, monuments, historic sites or seashores, the National Parks by Chimani app offers detailed information, key features, historical facts, interactive maps and hundreds of photos of over 400 destinations.

Thanks to the use of AR technology, users can easily understand and explore their destination through digitally layered highlighted points of interest that can be accessible even without internet. Apart from innovatively providing info related to hiking trails, attractions, restrooms, parking, events and news, users can also use a trip-planning tool and collect a badge for every visited park.

4) Hermes Virtual Tour

Many of those who have visited ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Mayan and other prominent ruins report feeling a strong inexplicable energy when on-site. To better understand what has made these places so remarkable and to have a realistic view of the fully constructed structures during their glory days, the Hermes Virtual Tour app allows users to bring the past to the present through immersive augmented reality projections paired with rich historical content.

The good news is that this tool does not only assist history-inclined travelers heading to these ancient destinations but also people that wish to virtually visit these places from anywhere in the world. Users can simply select one of the available ancient destinations to browse the world’s artistic heritage from the comfort of their sofa. What a time to be alive!

5) Northern France Experience

France is, inarguably, a top tourist destination. If you are planning on visiting its magnificent upper regions make sure to download the Northern France Experience app for tailor-made specialized guidance. Users can set their own preferences to get customizable feedback on places and subjects of interest, explore through themed tours and share their experience on social media.

The app includes augmented reality content layered on monuments, streets, sculptures and many historical places to enrich the overall experience. Users may explore a wide selection of over 200 locations and receive tips on where to go depending on how much time they have available. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Bonus: Augmented Reality Drinks by City Social

Even though it is technically not a Travel App, it is definitely worthy of mention. After all, what would summer be like without ice cold drinks on lovely hot days? So, for those of you planning on visiting London, make sure to order from the world’s first augmented reality cocktail menu for an out of the ordinary experience.
The innovative City Social bar incorporated augmented reality technology to their Mirage app so that customers can see their cocktails come to life. When pointing their phones at their drinks, vivid interactive art, ranging from Michelangelo to Banksy, is prompted with the intention of showing how art has been expressed throughout history. A true jaw dropper!

With so many innovative augmented reality travel apps being developed to improve how we travel and discover our surroundings, we want to know from you: what is your favorite travel destination in the whole wide world?

Dev to Dev

Apple ARKit: has augmented reality reached its defining moment?

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced their first augmented reality software development kit. ARKit offers developers the chance to create digital content on top of real-world scenery on iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad through what Apple refers to as “World Tracking”.


With this release, Apple has officially joined the rising AR scene, alongside Google and Facebook, which have also unveiled augmented reality tools of their own. This means that billions of users will now be able to have everyday access to this thriving technology.

The fact that these tech giants are now investing in and promoting AR validates the market that Wikitude has been working hard to create for nearly a decade. The world finally caught up to what we and our awesome developer community have known all along: AR is powerful.

The time has come. Augmented reality is going mainstream, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Anticipating the widespread reach of augmented reality, Wikitude has been steadily developing and improving its SDK since 2009, allowing developers to create meaningful and interactive ways to tell their stories and strengthen their image and productivity through AR.

In January 2017, we launched SDK 6, the first cross-platform SLAM SDK in the market, awarded “Best Developer Tool” at AWE 2017. SDK 6 introduced the groundbreaking feature ‘Instant Tracking’ or ‘World Tracking’’ as Apple called it at WWDC.

Instant Tracking is an algorithm that immediately starts tracking the world around you, without the need for any markers. This allows users to see digital objects and information in their surroundings using any Android or iOS device.

Technical details apart, Wikitude’s markerless tracking technology has been helping companies improve their performance in various sectors: industrial, marketing campaigns, retail, planning and design, education and training, and more. Experience the ease of writing your code once and deploying it on multiple platforms and devices: Android, iOS, phones, tablets, and smart glasses.

Without a doubt, Apple’s announcement will contribute to boosting AR usage to an unprecedented worldwide scale, and we are looking forward to what lays ahead. Get started developing cross-platform AR apps today with Wikitude.

Download SDK

Photo credits: (top) / Ondrej Kristin – AWE USA 2017


Join Wikitude at AWE 2017

Augmented and Virtual Reality enthusiasts…unite!

If you happen to be one of the lucky 5.000 attendees expected to visit the 8th annual edition of AWE USA, the largest AR+VR event in the world, you are in for a treat.

The three-day conference, which starts today – May 31st, is being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California and apart from exploring the “Superpowers to Change the World” theme and showcasing 250+ speakers, organizations, and startups, AWE 2017 will also introduce an amusing and highly interactive 20.000 m² AR+VR experience center, also known as the “AWE Playground”.

Visitors will be able to explore over 100.000 m² of exposition ground and connect with a total of 200 innovative exhibitors, including Wikitude who is excited to be, once again, an AWE participant, silver sponsor, featured speaker and Auggie Award finalist.

Follow Wikitude at AWE USA 2017 –  (Booth #634)

Featured Talks

“Walmart’s Journey into AR // How Augmented Reality Creates Real Value in Retail” 
For those interested in learning about key success factors in AR-powered service in Retail and the benefits that arise from innovative augmented reality use, this one is for you. Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina shares the stage with Walmart’s Systems Analyst, Steven Lewis, on June 1st from 12:15 pm to 12:30 pm, Room J (Consumer Track). 

“What’s Next with Wikitude”  

Wikitude CTO Philipp Nagele will present an in-depth look into the company’s recent developments and talk about what the next version of the Wikitude SDK will offer augmented reality developers. Don’t miss the session happening today (May 31st) from 1:30 pm -2:15 pm, Room 209/210.

Press Conference

Want to hear the BIG news? Wikitude is among the selected group of companies speaking at AWE’s press conference this year. Join the most influential tech journalists in the industry on Thursday – Jun 1st, at the Main Stage starting from 9:30 am to hear the latest and greatest news on augmented reality, virtual and mixed reality. Companies joining the AWE press conference are:

Shadow Creator

Auggie Awards

You voted and we got there! With the highest public voting count, we are proud to have been announced as an Auggie Award Finalist.

Wikitude’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) SDK is competing in the Best Developer Tools category and winners will be announced on June 1st. Thanks to our strong community for the support!

Booth 634 is the place to be

Last but not least, check out Wikitude’s recent developments and meet some of the creative minds behind our tech at booth 634 in the Tools Pavillion. Wikitude will be demonstrating its latest technology advancements including its most popular feature, Instant Tracking. 

Be WOWed by our secret Magic wand demo and see the ‘whole world’ changing in front of your eyes and don’t forget to take your freebie home: an exclusive Superhero Hyperphoto powered by LifePrint. 


The Washington Post launches augmented reality series powered by Wikitude

You might have heard the big news: The Washington Post announced the beginning of its augmented reality journey. Powered by Wikitude, the renowned American daily newspaper launched an interactive AR series to creatively engage readers and transform storytelling.

The AR-enhanced series, initially planned to be divided into six installments, allows readers to explore first-hand some of the world’s most iconic buildings. But how?

The first story revolves around Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s world famous concert hall known for its refined acoustic capabilities. Users of the Washington Post Classic iPhone app now have the ability to experience, from the comfort of their own home, what it’s like to gaze upon the highly advanced acoustic panels in action.

When users point their phone at their ceiling, an animated projection of the acoustic panel layout is prompted to demonstrate how its impeccable sound is absorbed, transmitted, reflected and ultimately produced. A chance to “see what perfect sound looks like” – in the Post’s own words.

To create this experience, The Washington Post utilized Wikitude’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), launched earlier this year with SDK 6. This technology enables any Android or iOS device, including smart glasses, to instantly track the user’s environment and layer interactive AR content into the real world without the need for markers.

The Washington Post’s head of product, Joey Marburger, is confident they are on the right track – “We think [AR will] be more widely adopted — you can really see it bubbling up — and we wanted to be at the forefront of that so by the time it takes off, we’re really good storytellers there”.

Learn more about The Washington Post’s new AR series in the original article, and get started with Wikitude’s SLAM technology today.