Hermes Virtual Tour – Surfing in the past through Augmented Reality

Hermes Virtual Tour is an innovative app that provides an immersive experience in world artistic heritage through the Augmented Reality. Using advanced tracking and location data, the Hermes Virtual Tour recognizes and reconstructs in a surprisingly faithful detail, the monuments selected, returning them to their former glory. Users may then navigate an augmented 3D environment mixed with the real world, discovering every detail, just as if they’d entered a time machine.

by aCrm Net

The use of Augmented Reality is the perfect way to show how any good arts was in any location by simply pointing your smartphone. The user's perspective when he is in place is increased enormously arousing the wow effect and smart features are available in an easy engaging, immersive and interactive way.
Francesco Terlizzi | CEO, aCrm Net

Hermes Virtual Tour is a new way to learn about history and view significant monuments. It’s an multi-language learning tool, innovative and fun, and allows you to listen to news and anecdotes while strolling among the monuments, both on site, or in the comfort of your own home via “remote mode”.

Hermes Virtual Tour is an innovative and fun way to view history; it allows users to listen to multi-language news and anecdotes while walking on site or remotely. Likewise, users may browse inside and outside artistic heritage sites, even “fly” over them just like a remote drone.

Featured sits include The Coliseum, Roman Forum, Parthenon and many more! Users can snap a photo on site including the virtual model, creating true “wow!” effects and can be instantly shared via social networks.

Just a few features available within the Hermes Virtual Tour app: Point, click and rediscover the past embellished with 3D reconstructions; Use directional commands to surf inside monuments destroyed by time; Wikitude technology provides handy location based services features and Augmented Reality Technology; Artistic assets are reconstructed in real-time whether on-site or at home; “Picture” between the past and present to share on Facebook, Google Plus.


  • Makes accessible the beauties of Italy everywhere!
  • Provides a drone navigation system mode on the artistic assets!
  • Allows access to all sites in virtual mode either remotely or on-site!
  • Provides a tool for innovative, fun learning!
  • Targets the less well-known tourist sites

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Geo based AR features
  • 3D Recostruction
  • Radar Element

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