Osmino – Free hotspot finder with Augmented Reality

Staying connected on the go has never been easier! Osmino wi-fi is an innovative solution to find free wi-fi hotspots anywhere in the world. Powered by the Wikitude SDK, users are able to view augmented pinpoints of free hotspots around them. A direction indicator to closest hotspots is also a great feature the Wikitude SDK enables in Osmino. The App is an absolute success among travellers!

by Osmino

The Wikitude SDK was able to bring great value to Osmino. The augmented reality features added a fun component for users to look for free hotspots in over 50 countries. Wikitude's technology was easy to work with and the Wikitude team was very helpful throughout the entire process.
Julia Tetushkina | Osmino Brand Manager

With the Osmino wi-fi app users can choose an augmented reality view to find wi-fi hotspots around them, all without the need to first connect to the internet! The Wikitude SDK powered AR view provides pinpoint accuracy with distance information, the wi-fi network name, users’ reviews of the connection speed, and the location comfort rating. Needless to say, the response from users has been phenomenal.

The Osmino wi-Fi provides app users with access to fast and free internet wherever they are. The unique wi-fi manager is used to accomplish automatic connection to free wi-fi and to share public or private wi-fi hotspots across the world. With the added benefit of users helping users, the Osmino wi-fi app also allows wi-fi network passwords to be shared, eliminating the need to ask, and avoiding any language barrier problems.

Further functionalities of the app include providing information about public hotspots and automatically placing them on the map according to the data received from users’ devices. A new hotspot POI is immediatly added to the AR view. Additionally, the direction pointer is a great help to navigate users to the closest free wi-fi hotspot.

So whether you are heading to a new place, travelling abroad, or are on the go, this Wikitude powered app helps you to discover available wi-fi hotspots with great and interactive AR features. Enjoy your trip with free and fast internet around the world thanks to Osmino and Wikitude!

The Osmino app is available for Android via Google Play and iTunes via the App Store.


  • Finds free Internet access worldwide (over 17 million hotspots)!
  • Provides information and turn by turn directions to closest hotspot.
  • Provides statistics about Internet speed.
  • Allows users to comment and rate the quality of various wi-fi connections.

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Geo based AR features
  • Radar Element
  • Direction Indicator

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