Urban AR Mural

GO! NFT: blending urban and digital arts

GO! NFT is an urban art and culture exhibition in the heart of Berlin. With blockchain-based crypto art, the exhibition opens the doors to art world 3.0 and maps a new way for AR, VR, 2D, and 3D artists and art fans to enter NFT space through all-in-one GO! NFT app.


A temporary urban art & culture exhibition opened in the former Merkur casino, GO! NFT is a melting pot of street and classic art. The exhibition spreads across around 2,000 square meters and features the works of 60 artists. Creators collaborated to mix and match 2D, 3D, XR, and mapping with analog artworks to create a digital meta-level that visitors can experience through a specially developed app. The mastermind behind GO! NFT is XI DE SIGN, the Berlin agency for urban communication and marketing around the artist collective DIE DIXONS.


Alongside creating a meeting place for artists and art lovers and enriching Berlin cultural scene with innovative art forms, organizers (the street art collective DIE DIXONS) have added an NFT layer to the art event. The application of NFT and collectibles opens up the crypto art market for street and urban art and creates a new form of presentation for participating artists. The highly limited NFT will be available on the GO! NFT DRPZ DAYS in the exclusive pre-sale in the GO! NFT app before the NFT go on sale on the NFT platform opensea.io.


AR app: GO! Urban NFT Museum [ Google PlayApp Store ]

GO! NFT companion app serves as a gateway to the art market’s future. The app allows exhibition visitors to unlock augmented reality experiences that take the physical artworks to the next dimension. The app also contains interviews with the artists, making-of videos, and serves as an NFT shop that will offer hot drops of digital collectibles.

Interesting facts:
  • Each visitor receives a starting credit of 5 GO! crypto tokens with their ticket
  • Many artworks involved a mix of both digital and analog techniques
  • The app allows you not only to see AR experiences but buy your own NFT to take home

VRketing is a Germany-based agency working at the forefront of AR and VR. The company strives to deliver sophisticated digital solutions across industries, developing meaningful applications with added value.


Object and Scene Tracking is the ideal AR feature for augmenting products, machinery, historical monuments, art pieces, and more. Optimal for indoor use, the feature enables marker-based AR experiences, allowing for tracking and augmenting a large variety of objects and environments.

Why Wikitude ?

We’ve switched to Wikitude in a timeframe of three days, having the release deadline scheduled for the following week. Getting into an SDK was quite straightforward, and we managed to have everything done and ready for the exhibition. After working closely with digital artists to define the requirements, we developed an app that provides built-in augmentations of the artworks and NFTs and the shop on top.
Paul Wolff Senior software developer VRketing