Urban AR Mural

ARe app: empowering local businesses through augmented reality

Powered by Wikitude SDK, ARe app helps add new interactive level to art and product discovery with augmented reality.


With deep roots in local design and fashion, Hungarian creative startup ARe explores how augmented reality can complement products, art and urban scene. The company’s mission is to help brands and designers to get comfortable with digital transformation.


ARe is an innovative marketing communication tool that helps local entrepreneurs and artists to use AR to bring their products and creations to life. This smart use of technology opens a whole new world compared to traditional print media. Users can view and interact with a digital twin of a product or art piece.


AR app: ARe app [ Google PlayApp Store ]

Using the app, users can conveniently access additional augmented content in one place. The company was concentrated on urbanism for a while and added design and fashion in their portfolio as pandemic hit. Their latest innovation allows prospective customers to visualize objects in a photorealistic manner – be it a furniture, clothes or shoes.


ARe define themselves as an immersive service platform that helps brands and designers to get comfortable with the new trends of metaverse. The company has been focusing on urbanism, gastro, arts and design scene and leveraging it in augmented reality since 2013. Being a long time partner of Design and Fashion Weeks in Budapest, founders believe in a vast potential that physical pieces get when augmented.


This AR feature is used to detect, track, and digitally augment 2D images – ideal for augmenting customized image targets, magazines, books, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards, etc.

Why Wikitude ?

With Wikitude we are not limited in the field of development so that our partners could see ARe as a real tailor-made service. Our full service integrates brands into the Metaverse, while allowing our partners run campaigns in the same quality and speed for both operating systems. And then AR is most effectively implemented with the help of mobiles, reaching straight to end users. Being part of Qualcomm, Wikitude brings us closer to the age of smartglasses.
Orsi Etenuk Co-Founder ARe