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METARCUBE: turning ordinary into extraordinary

METARCUBE transforms classic 2D media content into catching augmented reality experiences using a simple cube and smartphone.


Ordinary images become a stunning 3D slideshow, a traditional video clip becomes a thrilling 3D cinema experience, or a classic podcast becomes an old-school tape recorder. The app provides a variety of existing players (from vintage TV to jukebox, beamer and hologram), so users choose how they prefer the content to be presented.


METARCUBE is a cube that transforms into a source of engaging augmented reality content. The supporting app is designed to provide comprehensive and robust AR solutions for companies or brands to communicate with their employees and clients. A mix of a physical cube and augmented reality experiences offers a fresh perspective and show the way to applicable AR that goes beyond augmented print.


AR app: [ Google PlayApp Store ]

METARCUBE  allows users to turn existing multimedia content into engaging 3D AR players. The cube creators AR / VR Labs also offer white label app for brands to design own fully customizable AR solution. The app could be updated with video and audio content any time and adjusted to the users’ language settings. A lean back function allows viewers to consume longer content in a non-AR mode. The company also offers a foldable paper cube, opening up possibilities of printed invitations and tickets with an added AR layer.

Extra benefits:
  • One app, one cube and unlimited projects thanks to the multichannel system
  • Easily renew content through cloud without the need to update the app
  • Insights into the performance that help analyze what users like most

AR / VR Labs is an independent business unit within the agency group of MSM.digital. More than 10 years of market experience and over 1,000 successfully completed AR projects, make us one of the most experienced AR companies in the field.


Object Tracking introduces a new type of marker-based AR experience. Just like Image Tracking recognizes images and planar surfaces, Object Tracking works with 3D structures and objects. This feature enables real-time 360° augmented reality experiences around physical objects.

Why Wikitude ?

When you are planning a product and have a long-term vision behind it, the question of the right technology partner is one of the central variables. After more than 10 years of AR experience and more than 1,000 successfully realized AR projects, we have a lot of experience in the AR segment. During this time, Wikitude has established itself as one of our strongest partners, both on a technology and team level. As part of the Qualcomm family, Wikitude is also the central partner when it comes to extended vision for headworn devices. METARCUBE aligns with this vision, so we are very pleased to have Wikitude as our partner.
Camillo Stark Head of Business Development and AR Specialist MSM.digital AR/VR Labs