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Auta Super iShowroom: AR-powered e-commerce

iShowroom offers advanced 3D AR visualization for real-world products such as cars, real estate, and industrial machines to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience.


iShowroom is an e-commerce 3D solution that combines interactive 3D, virtual, and augmented reality to present complex, voluminous, or valuable products. The project was created in response to government regulations restricting meetings and in-person sales, replacing the loss of sales in physical showrooms or product presentations at exhibitions and fairs. The solution helps maintain and strengthen sales under any circumstances.


iShowroom app comprehensively includes all components that contribute to the final purchase. Starting with high-quality product perception, configurations, explanations of functions to real-time communication, and payment, the app provides an excellent virtual showroom experience. Sellers can collect and evaluate key data of the customers’ shopping behavior through app analytics.


AR app: Auta Super iShowroom [ Google PlayApp Store ]

The AR application is one of the crucial components of the iShowroom solution that company develops for their clients in the automotive, machinery, architecture, design, high-end and other segments. The app works on almost any device, allowing companies to present the products in a credible form and from any point of view. At the same time, it opens up the possibility for traders to easily explain product features. The shopping experience can take place directly on the customer’s mobile device in the comfort of their home. Additionally to 360 degrees product viewer, customers can configure and compare products, communicate with merchants, and proceed with orders and payments.

Extra benefits:
  • Try Before Buy Experience – allows customers to experience product discovery from the comfort of their home
  • 24/7 immersive access and an unlimited amount of showrooms
  • Completely customizable showroom environment

Founded by a group of VR/AR enthusiasts, i-showroom pushes e-commerce to the next level. The team’s ambition is to change consumer and retailer behavior with global retail digitization and help the online market achieve higher sales by bringing in true-to-life e-experiences.


Instant Tracking allows AR applications to overlay interactive digital augmentations on physical surfaces without using a marker. Wikitude offers its own SLAM Instant Tracking technology that can be dynamically connected to ARKit and ARCore (Wikitude SMART). Instant Tracking is the ideal AR feature for product preview, design visualization, gaming, communication, etc.

Why Wikitude ?

Thanks to Wikitude, we are not limited by the maturity of end customers’ hardware and can provide a real experience for almost anyone. At the same time, Wikitude allows us to deliver 100% visual output without compromise. AR is one of the key features and an added value of our service.
Filip Major Founder and CEO iShowroom