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Similar to Titanium, the core of the Wikitude SDK is based on a sophisticated JavaScript API for creating augmented reality experiences.

The Module includes the full augmented reality functionality of Wikitude’s technology, making for a perfect fit in any Titanium based app.

Augmented Reality SDK for Titanium – Facts

Powerful Augmented Reality Features in Titanium

The Titanium Plugin wraps all features from the Wikitude SDK and makes them ready for your hybrid app, providing a full augmented reality solution for computer-vision based use-cases.

Wikitude_Augmented_ Reality_SDK_Optimized_for_Titanium-_Axway_Appcelerator_Studio_2018

It is a complete augmented reality solution with support for location-based, image, object, scene recognition and tracking, instant tracking, and more. The Wikitude SDK and Axway Appcelerator Studio bring all you need to build any kind of augmented reality app.

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