Seamless Augmented Reality Tracking (SMART)

A single API wrapping ARCore, ARKit & Wikitude


Seamless Augmented Reality Tracking

SMART wraps ARKit, ARCore and Wikitude’s full-feature engine in a single SDK, cross-platform, for any device. Wikitude’s SMART feature ensures the delivery of the best possible AR experience on a wider range of devices, covering 92,6% of iOS devices and about 35% of Android devices available in the market. Learn more about Wikitude’s new feature for SDK 7.2.

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Wikitude and Android ARcore Instant Tracking


Launched in August 2017, ARCore is Google’s platform for building augmented reality apps on Android. ARCore’s motion tracking allows the phone to understand and track its position relative to the world and place 3D models on the scene. With SMART, ARCore will be launched on those devices supporting ARCore, while all the other will be accessing Wikitude’s instant tracking. ARCore is currently available for around 1.4% of Android devices out there and Wikitude extends the accessibility of markerless AR to 35% of the market.

Wikitude and Apple ARKit Instant Tracking


ARKit’s World Tracking, enables the creation of AR experiences that allow a user to explore digital content in the world around them. ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) and plane detection to track the position of the device in space in real time. With SMART, ARKit will be launched on those devices supporting ARKit, while all the other will be accessing Wikitude’s instant tracking. SMART ensures the delivery of SLAM-based AR experiences on a wider range of iOS devices reaching more than 90% of the market compared to ARKit’s 36%.

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