April 9, 2019

Wikitude SDK 8.4: Plane Detection, Image Recognition improvements, fixes and more

Wikitude is continuously working to improve its SDK so that you can have a smooth and comprehensive AR-developing experience.

Check the latest product enhancements, support updates, fixes and all that has changed with the Wikitude SDK 8.4 release.

Plane Detection

After being introduced last September as an experimental AR feature, Plane Detection went through important tests and tweaks and is now ready for its official debut.  

With Plane detection, you can create AR experiences that accurately anchor digital content to surfaces at any orientation.

  • Horizontal Up (floor, carpet, table)
  • Horizontal Down (ceiling)
  • Vertical (walls, doors)
  • Arbitrary (ramps)

This AR feature not only expands use-case possibilities but also increases the accuracy of environment-understanding. Highly essential for AR experiences that are triggered without the use of pre-mapped targets – SLAM markerless technology.

Plane detection is available for Native API and Unity, with support for JavaScript coming later.

Image Recognition improvements

As the most commonly used Wikitude AR feature, our developer community tends to have a soft spot for Image Recognition. So we try to take extra good care of it.

Our latest developments have been leading to an increase in recognition speed and tracking performance. Wikitude AR developers can expect faster recognition and higher performance in challenging conditions such as cluttered environments and variable lighting already in this release, with even more optimization coming soon. Stay tuned!

New feature: “isDeviceSupportedAPI” in Native API

Working with appropriate AR tools means, among other things, having your apps run on a multitude of different devices from your user base. Even though not all of them might be fully compatible with your AR features of choice, luckily the Wikitude AR features run on the vast majority of current smart devices in circulation today.

When in doubt, use the “isDeviceSupportedAPI” function to easily and quickly check if certain AR features run on a specific smart device or not.

The “isDeviceSupportedAPI” has been available in the JavaScript API for some time now. The same API is now also available in the Native API and helps you save time when checking device compatibility.

Wikitude SDK 8.4 alterations*

  • End-of-Support: Titanium Module
    • Wikitude will open source the Titanium Module on Github in the upcoming weeks.
  • End-of-Support: x86 Intel architecture for Android SDK
    • x86 support for UWP-based devices, Epson BT-350, and Vuzix M300 will remain intact.
  • New minimum iOS requirement: iPhone 5s
  • New minimum Unity requirement: Unity 2017.4 LTS
  • Unity 2017.4: builds Android 64-bit by default

*access the 2019 SDK Clean-up article to view the full list of announced SDK alterations.

AR platform enhancements, fixes, and stability improvements

Wikitude SDK 8.4 contains many fixes and stability improvements as a result of our ongoing quality assurance projects that help keep our AR platform finely tuned, accurate and reliable.

Please review the release notes for your platform for an in-depth report.

Download Wikitude SDK 8.4

Wikitude customers with active subscriptions are entitled to this and all upcoming SDK updates launched during their term. Don’t have an SDK subscription? Contact our team to get one.

SDK 8.4 is available for various supported platforms, extensions, and operating systems. Create powerful cross-platform AR experiences for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear across Android, iOS and Windows:

New to Wikitude? Contact our team to discuss your specific AR requirements in detail.

Questions, comments? Let us know!

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter or send us an email at hello@wikitude.com!

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