March 20, 2019

Wikitude Spring Cleaning: 2019 SDK Clean-up

Even If you are not a big fan of spring cleaning (and we get it if you are not), chances are you probably at least acknowledge the benefits associated with a clutter-free environment, containing only intentional, well-kept, meaningful items. More often than not, said environments even tend to stimulate focus, heighten creativity, and increase productivity.

The same logic can and must be applied to software. In the tech world, it is essential to get rid of the old, not only to make way for the new but, to efficiently channel efforts where focus is most needed. That is precisely why Wikitude is often reviewing and reorganizing all of the SDK components.

Please read below to learn about the upcoming SDK clean-up announcements.

Wikitude SDK components that will soon be discontinued

  • x86 Android package

Wikitude has been offering x86 Intel architectural support for Android SDK developers since 2014. However, in recent years, it has become quite obvious that the architecture of choice for mobile phones and devices has been vastly based on ARM. In 2017, this architectural trend was even further reinforced when Intel announced they would no longer actively pursue the mobile market.

With this technology significantly fading off, starting with the next upcoming SDK release, Wikitude will discontinue x86 support for the Android SDK package.

All other dedicated SDK packages, which more significantly rely on x86, will remain intact and fully supported: Windows-based devices, Epson BT-350, and Vuzix M300.

  • New minimum iOS requirement: iPhone 5s

The upcoming Wikitude SDK 8.4 release will introduce a new minimum level for iOS hardware support. This means support for the 9-year-old iPhone 4 will be discontinued and the new minimum version required to run the Wikitude SDK will be the 6-year old iPhone 5s.

  • New minimum Unity requirement: Unity 2017.4 LTS

Last year at GDC, Unity announced they would be working with a new Long-Term Support (LTS) release pattern. The Wikitude team decided to adhere by syncing our minimum supported Unity version to the new LTS pattern. With Wikitude SDK 8.4 the new minimum Unity version requirements will be the first LTS version: Unity 2017.4. As soon as Unity 2017.4 LTS reaches its end-of-life, Wikitude will update to the succeeding LTS version.

  • Open Source Titanium Module – End-of-Support

As previously announced, SDK 8.3 is the last release to support the Wikitude Titanium Module. Based on feedback, Wikitude has decided to open source the latest state of the Titanium Module on Github so that interested customers can adapt the Module to their needs.

  • Deprecation of the wtc4.1 file format

Wikitude Image Recognition has considerably improved over time. These positive developments, however, often require the introduction of new wtc file format versions. The latest version, wtc5.0, was introduced in early 2017 replacing the previous 2014 wtc4.1 file format.

The upcoming Wikitude SDK release will have the wtc4.1 version enter the deprecated list. This means that next Wikitude SDK releases will be optimized solely for wtc5.0 and won’t be able to read wtc4.1 versions.

The wtc5.0 version has been Wikitude’s default format for over 2 years, meaning this change should not affect developers which have recently used and generated image targets. For developers using older SDK versions, Wikitude Studio will maintain its ability to generate wtc4.1 files.

For more detailed Wikitude product information, please access our extensive support documentation.

The Wikitude team strives to ensure our developers are always working with updated and purposeful AR tools and hopes these changes will open ways to even greater developments.

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