August 17, 2018

Studio Editor just got better with Transformation of Object Targets and HD view

Wikitude’s Studio Editor is one of the easiest augmented reality content management tools in the market, and it just got even better. Want to learn how? Hold tight; we’ll get to that in a second.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, Studio Editor is our web-based AR content manager. It’s the perfect solution for creating AR experiences in an easy, intuitive and timely way. Moreover, anyone can make use of Wikitude Studio, regardless of the technical abilities.

A few days ago we released a new Studio version, and there are some changes that you shouldn’t miss!

New Transform function for Object Targets

With SDK 8 Wikitude launched a new way to create a reference for your object targets: from making 360-degree videos of your object to taking pictures from different angles.

The recently launched Point Cloud Transformation feature makes it possible to reposition, rotate and scale the point cloud generated for these new targets. Why is this helpful? Imagine that you made pictures of your object from the wrong angle, from the wrong distance, or that you want them to be consistently scaled and aligned. Now you can overcome these errors with a few clicks and adjust the Object Target to your needs.

This video shows you how easy it is to edit your point cloud:

The HD view for Object Targets

And that’s not all. The point cloud visualization of the object target has gotten much more accurate. From now on, newly created targets will be displayed with a higher density in Studio Editor. Here’s an example of this feature:

Augmented Reality: Rooter - Object Target Visualization- Wikitude Studio Editor

Our goal is to offer a powerful tool that not only makes it easier to build augmented reality experiences, but that provides more flexibility and accuracy than other tools in the market. That’s why we’re continually improving the AR Studio and optimizing the functionality in conjunction with the Wikitude SDK.

Have you already tried the new object and scene recognition feature? Sign up today to try Wikitude SDK and Studio Editor for free.

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