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Wikitude Studio is your one-stop shop for generating and managing target collections, as well as for creating and testing AR targets!

The Studio component (previously the Target Manager) was designed to optimize your projects for the Wikitude SDK and minimize effort when creating image target collections (wtc) and object target collections (wto). The integration with Studio Editor makes it possible to quickly add augmentations to your targets, as well as to test and make AR experiences available to clients inside your own app built with the Wikitude SDK.

Wikitude Editor Project

Studio (former Target Manager)

Studio is an easy drag&drop tool, making it possible to add, delete, edit and maintain your target images, objects, and scenes more efficiently. For those of you who have used our old Target Manager, you know it was capable of creating image target collections (wtc-files) only. Our new version will now allow you to additionally manage object target collections (wto -files), as well as cloud-recognition projects.

Studio Editor

With Wikitude Studio Editor we are making AR creation available to everyone. No more programming skills needed! In addition to the fresh look, the platform has an even more intuitive navigation, allows augmentation of images, objects, and scenes, it enables easy hosting in the sample app, and many other features. Check out the Studio Editor documentation and get started.

See which services are included for free based on your purchase.

Access to Studio Export Projects Host Projects Storage Limits
Trial Users 1 GB
SDK one time fee customers 50 GB
SDK subscription customers 100 GB
Add On: More Storage Space + 100 GB

Studio Editor

Hop on to your web browser, login to Studio Editor, set your imagination free and augment the world! Quickly create, test and make your AR projects available to your partners and clients. From there, manage and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Studio gives you the flexibility of deciding on whatever best fits your needs.

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Quick facts

  • If you have a SDK subscription, you can store your Studio Editor projects on a Wikitude server and easily reference them via an URL. This URL is auto generated by the Studio Editor and points to the start page of your project.
  • With an SDK license (subscription and one time fee) you can publish the created Studio Editor experience in your own application.
Studio Editor is Wikitude’s ultimate “one-stop” platform for building augmented reality experiences in just a few clicks. Whether you are working with the Wikitude SDK or with the Wikitude app, Editor enables developers and non-developers to create, manage and publish AR projects based on targets and objects, all in a single platform.
Philipp Nagele | Wikitude CTO

Studio Editor Features

  • Wikitude Studio Benefits


    Work quickly and efficiently with no desktop software installations needed. Simply log on to Wikitude Studio Editor in your favorite web browser and let you creativity go wild.

  • Wikitude Studio Benefits

    Easy to use

    You don’t need to be a programming guru.
    Wikitude’s Studio Editor supports simple drag and drop creation of AR projects with an intuitive workflow, easy testing, and fast publishing.

  • Wikitude Studio Tracking

    Image recognition

    Work with Image Recognition & Tracking, Wikitude’s seamlessly integrated proprietary technology. Upload the target images in the Editor alongside with the desired digital overlay. No need to collect pieces from different vendors, everything you will ever need is right here.

  • Wikitude Studio CMS

    Object & Scene Recognition

    One of the major improvements of the new Studio Editor is the Object & Scene Recognition functionality, based on SLAM. The interface makes it possible to create a 3D point map of your target by simply filming it, or, with SDK 8, by making photos of it. Place the digital content and start augmenting the world.

  • Wikitude Studio Video Augmentations


    Adding text, images, buttons and models in your AR project has never been easier! Moreover, display videos hosted on your server or YouTube to bring your content to life.

  • Wikitude Studio 3D Augmentations

    Powerful 3D

    Engage your users and customers by bringing things to life with 3D models. The new 3D space for targets enables you to create even more precise AR experiences.

  • Wikitude Studio CMS

    AR content management (CMS)

    Maintain your app and offer something new to your users over time, no app store re-submissions needed. Change AR content and targets as and when needed – Wikitude Studio Editor is your CMS of choice.

  • Wikitude Studio Reports


    You can hop on to the web, log into Studio Editor, create an AR project in as little as 10 minutes and reference it in your app via an URL. The changes you make in your projects will be available without you having to update the app.

  • Wikitude Studio Tracking

    Monitor and track

    Curious how your AR campaigns are performing? Wikitude Studio Editor comes with powerful ways to track and report campaign’s performance, including number of clicks, individual augmentation tracking and more.

  • Wikitude Studio Video Augmentations

    Add Storage space

    Whether you are using Wikitude’s Studio for simply hosting and managing your targets, for editing your AR experiences or both, the Storage Add On option allows you to ‘grow as you go’.