Object Tracking 30% faster: Download SDK 9.5


Wikitude SDK 9.5 is out now, delivering unparalleled Object Tracking experiences.

Please welcome our last release of the year. SDK 9.5 brings support for Android 11, two new AR samples, and significant improvements in our computer vision engine for developers to enjoy in both the Professional and Expert editions of the Wikitude SDK.

You can test SDK 9.5 by downloading your SDK of choice here.  

Do you have a subscription license? Download our latest release to update your platform free of charge.

Wikitude SDK 9.5 highlights

30% faster Object Tracking

With this release, the Wikitude computer vision engine gets a significant upgrade, resulting in a 30% faster object tracking speed rate.

This upgrade delivers unparalleled AR experiences based on real-world objects and scenes.

The latest Object Tracking update delivers:

  • 30% speed improvements for object tracking
  • More accurate tracking under challenging conditions (light, noisy environment, etc.)
  • Faster initial recognition of objects
  • Overall performance improvements for recognition and tracking

Object & Scene Tracking covers a wide variety of use cases from supporting maintenance and remote assistance solutions, to augmenting museums pieces, enhancing consumer products like toys, and much more.

Watch our latest Unity tutorial on how to work with multiple object tracking to get started.

Developers can create object tracking AR experiences using images or 3D models as an input method (such as CAD, glTF 2.0 and more).

Check out our interactive AR tracking guide to see the best feature for your specific use case.

New Wikitude samples for Expert Edition

The Wikitude sample app gets an upgrade with SDK 9.5. Unity developers can hit the ground running with two new samples:

  • Advanced rendering making use of ARKit 4 and ARCore advanced functionality

With this sample, you will be able to use ARKit, ARCore, and Wikitude capabilities in a single development framework, making the best of Unity’s AR Foundation. With advanced rendering, AR experiences get more immersive and realistic – leveraging people occlusion, motion capture, scene geometry, and more.

  • Multiple extended images

Bring image tracking experiences to a whole new level.

This new sample enables creating more interactive AR experiences by allowing targets to interact with each other and perform specific actions according to the developer’s needs. It’s ideal for games, sales material, marketing campaigns, and enterprise use cases such as training and documentation.

For full details on this release, check out our change log.

How to get SDK 9.5?

Ready to start developing? Wikitude makes it easy. Select an SDK, get a free trial, and start with your next augmented reality experience today.

Ready to launch your project? Seize the chance to take advantage of our Cyber Week (until 4.12.2020). Use code cyberweek15 to get 15% OFF your Wikitude SDK via our online store.

New to Wikitude? Welcome! We have a free Wikitude trial version for testing purposes. 

If you’re already a user and like what you’re testing, reach out to our team to discuss your upgrade to SDK 9.5. 

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