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Free AR SDK Trial

Explore Wikitude, the world’s #1 independent Augmented Reality development platform!

How to begin?

  • Create a Wikitude account
  • Generate your free trial key
  • Download an SDK of choice
  • Copy the key into your app and unlock the AR view

What does the trial include?

  • Access to all Wikitude SDK features (Expert & Professional Edition)
  • SDK samples demonstrating the major AR features as the basis for your applications
  • 1 GB in Wikitude Studio
  • Cloud-based image recognition test access
  • Forum-based technical support
  • No watermark (instead includes small Wikitude logo)
  • Trial key valid for 45 days

License terms

This license is a free trial for testing purposes with no publication rights included. To gain publication rights, a commercial SDK license is required.

*Questions? Check the trial key FAQs or contact us via

Free Trial

  • Geo AR
  • Image Tracking
  • Object Tracking
  • Scene Tracking
  • Instant Tracking
  • Cylinder Tracking
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Multiple Trackers
  • Rendering Engine
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