Showcases of how partners have applied Wikitude technology

Wikitude Showcases

Agencies and top brands from around the world trust Wikitude's industry-leading Augmented Reality solutions.

Art Gallery AR

Museum Art Gallery Exhibition by Wikitude Wikitude and eoVision collaborate to bring visitors the 21st century art exhibit experience. With ... Read more

HCM Konnect – An Enterprise Solution

The HCM Konnect mobile solution engages the workforce by providing contextual insight into the enterprise Human Capital, thereby providing significant impact on ... Read more

one earth – the augmented photo book

one earth by eoVision eoVision’s highly detailed book, one earth, is a collection of 119 satellite images that analyze the ... Read more

Wikitude Navigation (Turn-by-turn)

Wikitude Navigation is the worlds first and only augmented reality based GPS navigation system. With precise turn-by-turn directions overlaid onto a real world image ... Read more

2013 Fiemme Nordic Ski Championships

Trentino 2013 Fiemme Nordic Ski Championships by Interplay Software S.r.l. Interplay Software S.r.l. proudly used Wikitude Augmented Reality technology to ... Read more

Zalando scans fashion with Wikitude

The Geneva Motor Show with Zalando and Rinspeed by Zalando and Rinspeed Wikitude partnered with international online fashion retailer Zalando ... Read more

Ice Age 4 – Scrat’s Nut Hunt game

Developed by Bliss Interactive for 20th Century Fox, the Wikitude powered augmented reality app, Scrat’s Nut Hunt allows users to experience the quest ... Read more


The Augmented Reality solution for the official London 2012 app had to meet 3 key requirements: world class stability and functionality, as well as full brand compliance. Read more


Once at the summit, visitors can then take advantage of a stunning 360º view of London, and use the Wikitude-powered augmented reality element to further explore ... Read more