Showcases of how partners have applied Wikitude technology

Wikitude Showcases

Agencies and top brands from around the world trust Wikitude's industry-leading Augmented Reality solutions.

Lapp Group augmented reality app

Lapp Group worked closely with Wikitude to develop an augmented reality app that utlized our image recognition and 3D modelling technology. Read more

Daikin – 3D air conditioner viewer

Daikin 3D Viewer App is an innovative way to display real size 3D models of the latest Daikin air conditioner systems. Read more

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Redberry Digital was selected and tasked by 20th Century Fox to develop an accompanying app for the third instalment of the blockbuster "Night at the Museum" franchise. Read more

Manor Plus – bringing print to life!

The image recognition technology from Wikitude is powering Switzerland’s largest department store chain, Manor's catalogues. Read more

One Direction – The augmented story and quiz

One Direction “1D Official Book” Companion App by HarperCollins Powered by Wikitude image recognition technology, with the One Direction 1D ... Read more

Hermes Virtual Tour – Surfing in the past through Augmented Reality.

Hermes Virtual Tour is an innovative APP that allows an immersive experience in the world’s artistic heritage through the Augmented Reality. Read more

Osmino – Find free hotspots with Augmented Reality

Using the Wikitude powered Osmino wi-fi app, users can find free wi-fi hotspots anywhere in the world, including turn by turn directions to these locations. Read more

Ice Age 4 – Scrat’s Nut Hunt game

Developed by Bliss Interactive for 20th Century Fox, the Wikitude powered augmented reality app, Scrat’s Nut Hunt allows users to experience the quest ... Read more

Invisible Light Project – Wikitude and HS Offenburg in the International Year of Light 2015

Hochschule Offenburg launches AR app for the UNESCO Year of Light using the Wikitude SDK geo location feature. Read more