Augmented Reality SDK (Wikitude) for Android, iOS, BB10

Working with the Augmented Reality SDK from Wikitude

Whether you are publishing to Wikitude or using our Augmented Reality SDK – Wikitude takes out the complexity of working with AR and lets you focus on your content.

Augmented Reality SDK benefit number four - html5 and javascript

HTML5 and JavaScript

Creating Augmented Reality content hasn’t been simpler – base your creations on well known web standards and get out most of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Augmented Reality SDK benefit number one - cross-platform


Code once, run everywhere – Augmented Reality content created with the Wikitude SDK runs on iOS, Android and AR Eyewear.

Augmented Reality SDK benefit number two - all-in-one


With the Wikitude SDK you have one library in your hands, which unifies all augmented reality technologies. It supports sensor-based augmented reality experiences as well as augmentations based on image recognition and tracking.


Plugins and Extensions

The Wikitude SDK works together with various tools and frameworks through plugins and extension. Extension are available for PhoneGap (Adobe Cordova), Appcelerator Titanium and MonoTouch, MonoDroid.

Augmented Reality SDK benefit number five - tutorials and documentation

Tutorials and Documentation

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or lost? The Wikitude SDK is fully documented, including a number of tutorials and sample projects that can get you up and running in no time!

Augmented Reality SDK benefit number six - fully customizable

Fully Customizable

Quickly and easily add a fully customized Augmented Reality view to your existing app. With no restrictions placed upon how you use Wikitude’s technology, the sky’s the limit.

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Augmented Reality SDK image recognition and tracking

Image recognition and tracking

The Wikitude SDK embeds inhouse-built image recognition and tracking technology, which can be used out of the box. It works with up to 1000 images that can be recognized offline. Developers can switch seamlessly between augmenting recognized images and geo-located points of interest within the live camera image.

Augmented Reality SDK location based service

Location-based services with geo data

The Wikitude SDK comes with many convenience features to make working with geo-referenced data easy. Design and layout of your points of interest are fully customizable to your meet your needs.

Augmented Reality SDK video overlay

Video Augmentation

Adding videos to your augmented reality projects is simple and highly engaging for your users. Wikitude allows you to use either self hosted videos, or videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo. You can even include video with an alpha channel to create your own Hollywood magic in both your Wikitude SDK and Studio projects.

Augmented Reality SDK 3D models

3D Models and Rendering

The Wikitude SDK can load and render 3D models in the augmented reality scene. Import your 3D model from your favorite tool like Autodesk® Maya® 3D or Blender. Every 3D model can be used in combination with image recognition targets or with geolocations.

Augmented Reality SDK studio cms

Wikitude Studio – Content Management

Wikitude Studio is the easiest way to create and manage augmented reality content. The web-based tool provides an easy drag and drop interface. Content that is created in Wikitude Studio can be exported and used in the Wikitude SDK. The usage of Wikitude Studio is optional.

License and Pricing



    The Wikitude SDK FLEX contains basic geo features and limited distribution to 200 users of your app.

    ★ Location based AR
    ★ Limited distribution to 200 users of your app

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    The Wikitude SDK LITE contains basic geo augmented reality features with unlimited distribution.

    ★ Location based AR
    ★ Unlimited distribution for the licensed app

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    The Wikitude SDK PRO is our flagship product including all the professional features you need.

    ★ Location based AR
    ★ Image recognition
    ★ 3D model rendering
    ★ Optimized for augmented reality eyewear
    ★ 6 months support
    ★ Unlimited distribution for the licensed app

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    From: €1,499

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