Unity 3D Plugin

Unity 3D Plugin for augmented reality applications and games.

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Wikitude offers a free plugin package to include marker or markerless (SLAM) augmented reality experiences into Unity-based mobile apps and games.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine and one of the world’s most popular platforms for mobile game development. Integrating Wikitude’s computer vision engine, this plugin enables you to augment interactive 3D content in real time on your mobile device.
The Unity 3D plugin is based on Wikitude’s versatile Native SDK, allowing developers to embed AR into Android, iOS, and Windows apps.

If you are looking for an AR development framework to build amazing AR experiences, we have you covered. Download and get started with the Unity documentation and Unity 3D video tutorials.

Augmented Reality SDK for Unity – Facts

Powerful features

The Unity Plugin wraps all features from the Wikitude Native API into your app. It combines the powerful Wikitude SDK Native engine with the popular 3D capabilities of Unity, providing a full augmented reality solution for computer-vision based use-cases.

Unity 3D Plugin graph by Wikitude

Wikitude’s plugin includes a view that displays the live camera image from the mobile phone or smart-glasses and tracks it relative to the recognized target image. From there, the plugin handles all the camera communication! The augmented reality view can be fully customized to display any kind of media as overlays. Download and try out the Unity Plugin Setup Guide and sample app today! Support via the Wikitude forum.

With the increasing demand for augmented reality technology among our Unity app developer community, we are excited to see Wikitude offering a free plugin to connect our technology platforms.
JC Cimetiere | Sr. Director Product Marketing of Unity