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Unity 3D Plugin for Augmented Reality Apps

Cross-platform AR SDK

Augmented Reality SDK for Unity

Wikitude enhances the type of AR experiences available in Unity-based mobile apps and games, adding advanced marker-based features and the possibility to use them with other AR features simultaneously.

There are two SDK editions that combine the powerful Wikitude SDK engine with the popular 3D capabilities of Unity: Professional and Expert. This provides a full augmented reality solution for computer-vision based use-cases, covering apps with varying complexities and know-how of different degrees.

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Unity Expert Edition

  • Enables Object/Scene and Image Tracking
  • Enables Cylinder Tracking
  • Direct communication to ARKit/ARCore Positional Tracking
  • Ready-made plugin for AR Foundation
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Unity Professional Edition

  • Enables Object/Scene and Image Tracking
  • Enables Instant Tracking (Wikitude’s positional tracking)
  • SMART switch from Wikitude’s to ARKit’s & ARCore’s positional tracking
  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is the SDK line that Wikitude started a few years ago and will be updated in parallel with the Expert Edition. It continues to offer solid support for a wide range of marker-based and markerless AR experiences. This platform offers, as well, instant tracking (aka positional tracking) capabilities for devices that don’t support ARKit or AR Core.
For additional details, check the documentation.

Expert Edition

This edition stems from the Professional Edition, bringing a more collaborative vision to life. The new Expert platform makes it possible to use Wikitude’s advanced augmented reality features in combination with external native AR frameworks (such as ARKit and ARCore) and introduces several advancements to be leveraged by expert developers.
For additional details, check the documentation.

Wikitude SDK

Endless AR Possibilities

With the increasing demand for augmented reality technology among our Unity app developer community, we are excited to see Wikitude offering a free plugin to connect our technology platforms.
JC Cimetiere | Sr. Director Product Marketing of Unity