Wikitude and Mosquito combine 3D ‘vision’ with 3D ‘audio’


London, 15th March: It’s the not-so-hidden secret of Hollywood: one of the most important parts of creating an immersive experience isn’t mind-blowing visuals on a massive screen – it’s incredibly intricate, highly nuanced sound design. It’s the second-most important human sense, and indispensable to the way we move, communicate, and think. That’s why, today at the Wearable Technology Show in London, Wikitude introduces the first 3D audio enabled augmented reality experience, adding one more incredibly useful tool to its powerful Wikitude AR SDK.

In partnership with Mosquito Engine, a leading developer of high quality 3D audio tools, the two companies have developed a 3D audio plugin that empowers AR experiences and concepts with something never seen (and more importantly, never heard) before. And if you’re in London for the Wearable Technology Show, you can try it at the Wikitude booth #258.

The 3D audio engine automatically follows virtual objects, making it possible to play audio that indicates the position of the object(s) in the 3D augmented environment. The engine manages proper audio positioning, volume, and all other audio cues that make up for a true immersive experience. It’s the most immersive, enriched augmented reality experience there is.

Daniel Talma CEO from Mosquito Engine describes it as follows: “The Wikitude SDK is boundless in its versatility. It was super easy for us to integrate our 3D audio engine, and the results are simply stunning.”

Philipp Nagele, Wikitude’s CTO believes that “3D audio in augmented reality highly enhances the sense of immersion since your eyes believe what your ears hear. We need partners to deliver powerful sound toolkits to accomplish this, and Mosquito delivers exactly that!”

Want to see it in action? Check out  “Skeeto” – a simple AR game with 3D audio integration. Gameplay is the modern, mobile equivalent of the arcade classic ‘Whac-a-mole’ – but in Skeeto, the bug lives on your phone, tablet or AR glasses, and you need to get it before it gets you. Your only way to do that? Listen. Find Skeeto on the Appstore.

Also keep an eye out for the soon-to-be available template demo app called Wikiwings, designed specifically by Wikitude and Mosquito Engine for developers who are interested in building their own AR apps with 3D sound. Or, drop by to see us at Wikitude booth #258 at WTS in London.

About Wikitude:

Wikitude GmbH is the world’s leading mobile augmented reality (AR) technology provider for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear. Its fully in-house developed AR technology is available through its SDK, Cloud Recognition and Studio products enabling brands, agencies and developers to achieve their AR goals. With 100,000+ registered developer accounts, Wikitude has grown to be the world’s leading independent AR platform. The Wikitude SDK is an integral part of more than 10,000 apps run by both small enterprises as well as many Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries. Wikitude’s latest product addition is 3D Tracking, allowing apps to see in rooms, spaces and environments.

About Mosquito Engine:

Mosquito Engine is a Dutch company that develops high quality 3D audio tools for virtual and augmented reality applications. Mosquito Engine has many years of experience in both the film and music industry. The recently-launched Mosquito 3D Engine provides real 3D immersive sound for any kind of game or app. The Mosquito 3D Engine allows real time movement and rotation of both the listener and multiple sound sources, fully enhancing the sense of immersion.

Download Wikitude SDK


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