Powerful cylinder targets – Download SDK 9.6


Augment bottles, cans, cosmetic containers, cups, and more with Wikitude cylinder tracking

Wikitude developers can now create even more robust AR experiences that are activated by scanning single or multiple cylinder targets. 

2020 and 2021 have pushed marketers and product developers to think outside the box, exploring new ways to connect with consumers in the context of the global pandemic.  

This means brands can bring to life products with images wrapped around cylinder-shaped objects such as drinking cans, wine bottles, longnecks, aluminum tin cans, cosmetic bottles, and other tubular-shaped containers.

SDK 9.6 brings significant performance improvements for cylinder targets ensuring smooth AR experiences with augmented videos, images, buttons and 3D models which can be perfectly wrapped around the target.

Trading experimental web experiences to robust companion apps, brands now leverage their packaged goods with long-lasting consumer engagement thanks to AR. 

Create your first cylinder tracking project in just a few steps with this video tutorial showing how you can use Unity to build an AR experience for Android or iOS. 

Need some inspiration? See how Mojokaii, one of the fastest-growing gaming booster energy drinks brands, using Wikitude’s SDK 9.6 to create immersive experiences for their players. 

Cylinder tracking is available for Unity in our Expert Editions SDK via our download page. It comes with a handy sample app (included in the download package) so you can create a similar experience with your own assets in 10 minutes or less.

Unlock the power of AR + CAD with SDK 9.6

But not only Cylinder tracking got a massive update in this release. Developers working with our 3D model Object Tracking will also feel a massive performance improvement in this feature. 

With this update, augmented reality experiences based on the recognition of CAD, glTF 2.0, other 3D models are ready to be fully integrated into commercial projects across-platform and devices. 

Unlock the power of CAD + AR by applying for our testing program.  

AR Foundation Editor Remote plugin

Want to be even more productive with the Wikitude SDK? In this release, we introduce compatibility with the AR Foundation Editor Remote plugin. You can now build and run your AR apps in the Unity Editor more efficiently. This third-party plugin runs your Unity experience directly on a device connected to your computer even when using AR Foundation.

Curious what else is new in Wikitude’s first release of 2021? Check out our release notes for Professional Edition SDK and Expert Edition (includes cylinder targets and 3D model tracking). 

Download SDK 9.6

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