3D Model-Based Object Targets

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3D Model Beta Program

Object Targets can be created by using one of or combining the following two types of source material: images and 3D models.

CAD, glTF 2.0, other 3D models provide accurate information about the object, maximizing the potential for reliable AR experiences. Compared to the image-based approach, 3D models deliver more robust tracking, expanding the variety of recognized objects and scenes.

The process of generating 3D model-based targets is currently in Beta and available for Unity (Android & iOS). Contact us to get started!

360° AR around physical objects

  • Leverage existing CAD data and other 3D models to achieve your business goals
  • Enhance home appliances with AR instruction manuals
  • Bring toys to life with digital content for interactive play
  • Augment industrial machines to optimize workforce training
  • Enable remote assistance by specialist
  • Augment educational material to facilitate learning in and out of the classroom
  • And more …

Object Target combining 3D model and images

How to decide which method fits best for your use-case?

Image-based Object Targets 3D model-based Object Targets
How it works Take pictures of your object (see how) and upload them in Wikitude Studio (see how).
The object target (.wto) will be automatically created, ready to be embedded in your app.
Beta -> You start with providing the 3D model (required) + pictures of the object (optional) to the dedicated Wikitude team.
Our specialists will create and provide the object target (.wto), which you can embed in the app.
Best suitable for
  • objects with many distinctive visual qualities
  • objects rich in texture
  • situations in which no 3D model of the object is available
  • identical objects that vary in color
  • object with few distinctive visual qualities
  • object with a smooth, shiny finish
  • objects with many edges
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