Mojokaii: premium gaming booster goes AR

Mojokaii anime-inspired product labels come to life through an augmented reality app. Each product tells its unique story with immersive AR effects created by a team of international VFX artists. Just point your camera on the Mojokaii labels and enjoy the show!


Mojokaii products are specifically designed for the gaming community. Leveraging gamers’ affection for digital worlds, the company came up with an AR-based solution for product labels. Captivating AR experiences spike buyers’ interest to explore and collect all tastes.


  • Create an immersive product experience

The Mojokaii companion AR app was created to gamify the tasting and collecting experience. By pointing to the booster label, gamers dive into an immersive digital narrative, unique for each product variation. The app encourages social sharing thanks to the front camera mode.


  • Mojokaii AR app
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Mojokaii AR app boosts curved labels on the gaming booster container. The video on the labels and the visual effects around the product are shown in real-time, allowing customers to look at them from different angles. The Mojokaii app uses Wikitude’s curved marker-based tracking technology. It recognizes different label designs and shows unique stories and effects for each product. With the cloud connection, developers could design as much content as they wanted. The specific content is downloaded for the product that the customers face the camera to.


WeAR Studio is a full-cycle development agency of immersive experiences that solve business and industry problems. The studio’s mission is to implement AR, MR, and VR technologies into the everyday life of billions of users. That is why they develop apps that are changing people’s way of doing PR, marketing, sales, education, training, advertising, events, and entertainment.


Cylinder Tracking allows AR apps to detect, track and augment cylinder targets. This feature is ideal for augmenting cylindrical shaped drink cans, wine bottles, long necks, aluminum tin cans, cosmetic bottles, and other tubular shaped product containers. The Multiple Cylinder Tracking functionality enables tracking of more than one cylinder target at a time.

Why Wikitude?

We wanted to have a product that entertains people and gives them an incentive to collect all of our products. With AR we found an exciting way to give our customers a new visual impression. It was challenging to find a good tool to track our cylinder product with the additional feature of marker-based tracking. With Wikitude we got a solution, so we can give our customers the best visual impression.

Fabian Merks | Technical Director| AR-Company

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