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Extended Tracking Augmented Reality

AR SDK for extended marker-based AR experiences

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Extend AR content beyond the initial target

Wikitude Extended Tracking

Extended Tracking allows digital augmentations, attached to objects, scenes, or images, to persist in the user’s field of view even when the initial target is no longer in the frame.

Once the image or object target is tracked, users can continue the AR experience by freely moving their device. This feature incorporates the SLAM algorithm at the base of Wikitude’s Instant Tracking technology.

Extended Tracking is the ideal AR feature for digitally projecting subsurface utilities, displaying augmented instructions and path guides, adding digital continuation to artworks, and more.

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Extended Tracking Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • Extended tracking for Objects - Wikitude augmented reality SDK - features

    Show hidden information

    The technology works by looking for features in the environment around the trigger and by tracking how those features change position as the user moves. A traveller could visualize media, explanations and directions around touristic objectives or similar information which are normally not in sight. It can improve tracking in a multitude of use cases: from art installations, sculptures, store fronts, and home appliances, to medical devices, production lines, vehicles and more.

  • Pipes on wall augmented with Wikitude Extended Tracking

    Display machinery data

    Extended tracking makes it possible to enhance the visualization of large objects, even buildings. The user is able to identify a machine based on the initial trigger and the display data collected from different sensors. He may visualize augmented points which require additional attention, as well as notifications of malfunctions. Be it handheld devices or smart glasses, one of the main advantages is the fact that all the information can be precisely positioned.

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