augmented reality car tracking by Nissan LEAF


AR car tracking: Nissan LEAF

Dealership visitors use augmented reality technology to better understand the innovative qualities of the best-selling Nissan electric car of all time


Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer that continues its quest to optimize product development and deliver highly innovative technology. Today, in various countries and regions around the world, the company enjoys a stellar reputation for creating truly innovative vehicles and service programs.


  • Unique, delighting, and informative dealership user experience

Nissan’s launch of the year, Nissan LEAF, was coming to Brazil. The challenge was to find a solution that would allow potential buyers to better understand the innovative features and benefits of the vehicle, not only delighting the customer but on a par with the innovation in the new Nissan LEAF.


  • App with AR car tracking
AR app: Nissan LEAF AR


Thanks to the Nissan LEAF AR experience, offered at dealerships, visitors can visualize all the features and differentials that are not visible at first sight. Object Tracking augmented reality technology allows the device to scan and recognize the car, overlaying digital explanations of interesting car functions.

The AR app demonstrates the simplicity of the electric engine, the e-Pedal function, battery charging explanations, automatic pilot demonstrations – showing how the car can control speed when it detects a vehicle ahead to maintain a safe distance, carbon emissions info, and more.

Nissan LEAF AR Car Tracking Demo


Midiadub is an interdisciplinary creative production studio comprised of artists, designers, storytellers and developers. Their work intersects art and technology in an organic way to create immersive and interactive stories.


This AR feature is used to detect, track and digitally augment 3D objects – ideal for augmenting products, industrial machinery, historical monuments, art pieces, building façades, and more.

This AR feature allows developers to map environments and display augmented reality content without the need for target images or objects (markers).

Why Wikitude ?

“Wikitude has proved to be the ideal tool for the project since day zero. In just one afternoon, we were able to create a working prototype that proved the many possibilities of augmented reality using Object Tracking.”
Gabriel Santos | Co-Founder | Midiadub

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