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One Component for all kinds of augmented reality applications.

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Embed augmented reality experiences into your Xamarin Project. Wikitude offers a component for Xamarin which enables the full power of the Wikitude SDK in your apps and games.

The Wikitude SDK builds heavily on web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) which makes writing cross-platform augmented reality experiences a breeze. The component has been optimized for the Xamarin environment, enabling C# developers to embed an AR view into their project. Cordova (PhoneGap) and Titanium are as well among the extensions based on Wikitude’s JavaScript, the most used SDK among our developer community.

Augmented Reality SDK for Xamarin – Facts

Powerful features

The Xamarin Plugin wraps all features from the Wikitude SDK and makes them ready for your hybrid app, providing a full augmented reality solution for computer-vision based use-cases.

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It is a complete augmented reality solution with support for location-based, image recognition and tracking and computer-vision based use-cases. The Wikitude SDK brings all you need to build any kind of augmented reality app. The augmented reality view can be fully customized to your needs. Display any kind of media as overlays or let them “snap to the screen” for better usability. Find the full features on the Wikitude SDK page. Get started with the Xamarin Plugin Setup Guide and sample app today!

We have repeatedly received the demand for AR from Xamarin developers around the world. With this component we are now providing the bonding piece between Xamarin’s app development environment and our Wikitude SDK.
Philipp Nagele | Director Product Management, Wikitude