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Wikitude SDK for Xamarin

Add augmented reality experiences to Xamarin based mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Our sample app, documentation, and tutorials will help you get started. The Xamarin plugin is built on top of Wikitude’s comprehensive JavaScript API.

You’re not sure about the difference between JavaScript API and Native API? Check out our comparison table.
Download AR SDK for Xamarin based apps - Android and iOS

This plugin enables the full feature set of the Wikitude SDK, powering your Xamarin C# projects with AR. It includes ARKit & ARCore (SMART) on supporting devices.

* Registration is required to get started with the free trial.

Latest Version 8.6.0
2019-07-11 – 58,8 MB
Download AR SDK for Xamarin based apps - Android Download AR SDK for Xamarin based apps - iOS


  • The trial version of the Wikitude SDK is feature complete and fully functional but includes a watermark in the camera view. Commercial licenses are available to remove the watermark (see pricing plan).
  • After downloading the package you will be forwarded to the registration page for creating a free trial license.