Aventuras por Albacete - The Interactive Augmented Reality Tourism Game

Aventuras por Albacete – The Interactive Tourism Game

The culturally rich Spanish province of Albacete needed to boost up their tourist visitor rate. The solution? Transform the city into a digitally enriched game board! Estudio Alfa, using Wikitude AR technology, created an adventurous mobile game that is now giving greater visibility to the town.

By Estudio Alfa

Using the Wikitude SDK was very easy. They have a lot of examples with their functionality and are very easy to understand, which allowed us to have the tool working in little time. Also, thanks to the forum and support we could solve all of our troubles in no time.
Roberto Navarro | Director of Web projects, Smartphone and Online Marketing | Estudio Alfa

Estudio Alfa created the ‘Aventuras por Albacete’ augmented reality game with the intention of providing an interactive, rewarding and playful experience for the tourists of Albacete. Designed to be enjoyed by all ages, the app includes adventurous missions, useful and interesting information, trophies, and real reward possibilities. While playing the game, travelers visit, discover and learn more about the different regions that make up Albacete. After downloading the app, players can select one of the many adventures, use the magic AR radar to reach the designated area, and engage in fun challenges to discover the secrets of the visited place. Those who manage to complete the whole adventure will be rewarded with a chance to participate in raffles to win hotel stays. To properly deliver the app as envisioned by the developers, Robert Navarro, from Estudio Alfa, explained that they needed to find a very specific tool: “We needed a tool that would allow us the image recognition and rendering of 3D to interact with them. We also need to use the geolocation to help the user to reach the destination in which new adventures will be unfolded. In the same way, we also needed to render 3D objects over 2D patterns which would have animations and sounds. Moreover, we had the essential requirement that the tool needed to be compatible with the multiplatform SDK which we use in our developments (Titanium). With all of these requirements, the ideal solution was Wikitude, since it provided all we need.” By choosing to work with the Wikitude SDK, Estudio Alfa was able to include multiple AR features such as Geo-based AR, 2D Image recognition and tracking, 3D rendering, and markerless instant tracking (SLAM) capability. The game is available for download, free of charge, for iOS and Android users.

Applied Technology:

  • Wikitude SLAM based Instant Tracking
  • Geo-based AR
  • Image Recognition and Tracking
  • 3D Rendering


  • 39 AR experiences on the 'magic radar'
  • 5.000 expected users
  • Embeds gamification

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