3D Models for Augmented Reality

3D Rendering

Add 3D models to images, objects, locations, and to the instantly tracked environments.

3D Rendering

When it comes to 3D content, there are differences depending on the used development platform:

JavaScript API
3D content can only be loaded from so-called Wikitude 3D Format files (.wt3). Conversion requires the 3D Encoder (tool available for Mac and Windows).

The Unity plugin allows 3D models designed and rendered within Unity to be used as augmentations in the Wikitude SDK. This facilitates the integration of Wikitude’s computer vision engine into a game or application fully based on Unity3D.

Native API
The Native API does not integrate a separate rendering engine. Developers have full control and, therefore, maximum flexibility to use the rendering engine of their choice.

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See what’s possible with Wikitude 3D Rendering

  • Industrial machine augmented with 3D digital content using augmented reality

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    AR plays a major role in the Industry 4.0 by serving as the visual bridge between the physical world and the digital internet. Its wide applicability range extends throughout product design and visualization, production line optimization, process monitoring, resource management, and logistics. Additionally, it brings unquestionable advancements in remote assistance.

  • Digitalyl augmented art: 3D digital models overlays on photographs

    Art and Culture

    With AR, artists can transform any surface or environment into a display area for their creations. Similarly, museums can bring their collections to life. The digital experts can augment the art pieces in order to better fit their audience, be it young visitors or adults. Furthermore, AR content can become the art itself making the world a permanent art exhibition.

  • AR Home shopping: visualize 3D furniture within your home before purchasing

    Home Shopping

    Augmented reality shopping will become mainstream in a few years from now.
    Allowing customers to visualize products from the comfort of their home, try digital makeup and clothing, easily access complete info on products and much more. Therefore, instead of being a threat to traditional retail stores, AR will complement them. It will add efficiency, entertainment and a higher likelihood to purchase.

  • Shooting AR mobile app rendering a 3D model of a dragon


    For entertainment purposes, AR has been used effectively in a multitude of marketing initiatives. Most of all, it brings the wow factor and enhances customer experience. But AR is not only about revolutionizing campaigns. It is a new medium with great inherent value. Pokemon Go is a classic example of gamifying surroundings and there is much more to be brought to the table in this field.

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