Augin: AR visualization for architecture and construction

Augin: AR visualization for architecture and construction

Augin is a digital platform where AEC professionals and companies can publish and view their content in augmented reality in the environment on a 1:1 scale.


Augin is software aimed at the AEC industry that uses augmented reality to provide platform users with a new experience in the visualization, presentation, and collaborating on the projects. The application was launched in 2019 in Brazil and quickly gained traction in Latin America. Today Augin app is successfully used in more than 175 countries, counting more than 140,000 active users.


  • Create a new AR visualization tool for AEC

The Augin app revolutionizes the way architects work – thanks to federated projects, BIM information, various viewing modes, and an ability to import projects through plugins and Augin Hub (PC version).
Democratizing access to augmented reality, the Augin app benefits the construction sector in multiple ways. The app allows avoiding losses and identifying executive errors immediately.
The interactive 3D project visualization facilitates a better understanding of the project for all stakeholders, including the end customers.


  • Multifunctional AR tool for architects and engineers

AR app: Augin app [ Google Play]  [ Apple Store]

Launched in 2019 at Construtech, the largest technology event for construction in Brazil, Augin is a free application for Android and iOS capable of bringing 3D models and projects to augmented reality quickly and accurately.
The software transforms.IFC files and allows engineers and architects to filter and interact with information from BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects in the AR experience.

The Augin app allows to automatically position projects in the environment, create experiences with videos in AR for catalogs and project plans. As the AR content is shown in the real environment, it offers direct interaction and 1:1 scaling.
With the recent launch of the Augin hub, the platform continues to evolve and bring more functionalities to the AEC sector.


  • Augin Softwares LTDA.

The company’s Augin mission is to democratize innovation in the architecture, engineering and construction sector through immersive and accessible technologies.
To achieve this, Augin’s talented team has adopted an innovative mindset brought by their CEO, Juan Carlos Germano, from Silicon Valley to the south of Brazil, where the company is based.


Instant Tracking makes it possible for AR applications to overlay interactive digital augmentations on physical surfaces without using a marker. Wikitude offers its own SLAM Instant Tracking technology that can be dynamically connected to ARKit and ARCore (Wikitude SMART). Instant Tracking is the ideal AR feature for product preview, design visualization, gaming, communication, etc.

This AR feature is used to detect, track and digitally augment 2D images – ideal for augmenting customized image targets, magazines, books, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards, and more.

Why Wikitude ?

We have been working with Wikitude since the beginning of Augin app. We like the company’s solutions and customer service very much, which I consider important when developing software. Wikitude is always researching and keeping us informed, which benefits the evolution of our solution.

Juan Carlos Germano | Founder, CEO | Augin Softwares LTDA.

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