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Matthias Hamann – Creative Technologists - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

Matthias Hamann – Creative Technologists (former Hamann Medien) is an innovative group of engineers, software developers and designers. With a passion for all things digital, they always try to find uncommon approaches for their customers. It is their goal to surprise with young and fresh concepts, excellent design and the merge of different technologies.

Company Info

Matthias Hamann – Creative Technologists

Levisohnweg 5
+49 172 433 76 21

Company Description

The Matthias Hamann – Creative Technologists team develops concepts and produces digital applications for renowned agencies and industrial clients. They are focused on interactive show installations, sales apps, IoT applications, and AR/VR solutions to help their customers presenting and explaining their products in an innovative and modern way.

They have extensive experience in the industrial, automotive, aerospace and defense fields, and their technical expertise covers among others: animated and non-animated
 3D Models, Configurators
, CAD, as well as Sensor-driven and IoT Apps.

Find out more about the AR project they developed for Lufthansa Technik here.

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