Lufthansa is using Augmented Reality at Trade Shows

Lufthansa innovates aviation demo with augmented reality

Instead of shipping and installing costly demo equipment to be displayed at trade show exhibitions, Lufthansa Technik is innovatively using AR technology to show their customers detailed installation information and connectivity solutions. The app built for this project is demonstrating how to put an antenna on a 737.

By Matthias Hamann – Creative Technologists

"Stability and reliability are essential requirements for any trade show application. During our research for AR tools and frameworks, we came to the conclusion that Wikitude’s technology is the most stable solution available on the market."
Matthias Hamann | CEO | Matthias Hamann - Creative Technologists

Lufthansa Technik is one of the leading suppliers of aircraft connectivity solutions and installations. Together with a team of engineers and in cooperation with the corporate marketing, the Matthias Hamann – Creative Technologists team created an augmented reality application that shows airline customers the technical expertise in aircraft connectivity installations – with a very uncommon approach.
Instead of transporting heavy and cost-intensive connectivity equipment to trade shows or to customers all over the world, they are working with augmented reality to allow customers to see what happens inside the radome humps on top of modern aircraft.
The Lconnect AR app is using Wikitude Image Recognition technology to scan a marker image that adds a virtual 3D model of an antenna installation process (radome with satellite antenna inside). For trade shows, a 2m x 3m segment cutout of an aircraft fuselage was produced and positioned at the booth.
The virtual augmentations sit on top of the aircraft fuselage and the projection has a 1:1 real-life scaling, which gives all viewers a high degree of immersion.
app The Lufthansa Technik Lconnect AR is enabling the sales staff to show detailed installation information and the USPs of Lufthansa Technik in terms of connectivity solutions. The 3D models are based on real aircraft and radome CAD data.
POIs attached to the virtual aircraft structure indicate certain customer benefits of Lufthansa Technik’s installation methods. Different aircraft types such as A320 or B737 with varying characteristics can be selected. The 3D models are split into 4 different layers which enable users to dive deeper into the structure and look inside the radome.
The AR Application was launched at the international Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg with outstanding feedback from visitors, journalists, and the Lufthansa Technik staff.


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