Wikitude Premium Partner – Logan Five GmbH

Logan Five - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

The Logan Five GmbH was established as a classic advertising agency in the year 2000. Through the years projects have changed and the team focused on web development, web design, shop design, and eCommerce.

In 2012, customer structure changes led to the addition of another new development: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Company Info

Logan Five GmbH
Extended Communications
D-96237 Ebersdorf
+49 (0) 9562/4001-0

Company Description

Logan Five GmbH combines the knowledge of classic and new communication techniques with the attractivity of AR/VR applications. AR and VR in combination with classic communication solutions are winners in sustainability: less paper, less storage, less work.

Their work includes unique AR-applications such as a jewelry app for our client Meister AG, Switzerland, with which you can try out engagement and wedding rings on your own finger in augmented reality. Many more developments took place for the B2C-business in Europe and Germany. Up till today, they have launched about 30 AR-/VR-projects.

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