Wikitude SDK 8.7: new UWP feature, Extended Image Tracking range, and AR platform improvements

Eva Triantafillopoulou

Wikitude SDK 8.7 is out! This update adds some pretty impressive performance enhancements and a few new features you can’t miss

Every 6 weeks Wikitude runs an effective AR SDK maintenance and quality assurance program to ensure our developers always have access to a high-performing AR platform. Here’s what’s new for our latest:

  • Increased Image Tracking detection range (+50%)
  • Faster camera frame processing and stability enhancements
  • Preparation to support Apple’s iOS 13 
  • External camera support for Windows in Unity Editor

Faster camera frame processing and increased image tracking detection range (+50%)

The Wikitude AR technology development teams work closely together with our quality assurance unit to programmatically test, tweak, and optimize our AR platform. With every update, our customers can expect high performance and general enhancements.

SDK 8.7 improves the detection range of image targets across devices by 50%. A4-sized image targets can reach impressive recognition distances in the area of 4.7 meters (15.42 feet).

Additionally, internal changes in the processing pipeline of Wikitude SDK 8.7 resulted in faster camera frame access for all related components and includes a series of additional fixes and stability improvements. Please review the release notes for your platform for an in-depth report.

iOS 13 Preparations

At the Worldwide Developers Conference held in June, Apple announced its new iOS 13 mobile operating system. Even though iOS 13 is scheduled to be officially released in the fall of 2019, Wikitude has already started optimizing its AR SDK.

People occlusion, motion capture, and collaborative sessions are some of the much-awaited ARKit 3 features which you will be able to enjoy. Stay tuned to future Wikitude updates to get the latest and greatest AR for Apple’s iOS 13!

External camera support for Windows in Unity Editor 

Designed to facilitate UWP app development in Unity, this new feature allows developers to plug-in an external web camera into any UWP-based tablet and use its camera stream in the Wikitude SDK. 

The additional camera view helps developers to have a realistic idea of how the AR project is progressing from another perspective in Unity, hassle-free.

Get started with SDK 8.7 for your preferred development platform:

Download Wikitude SDK 8.7

Active Wikitude SDK subscribers are entitled to all SDK version updates released throughout their term. Follow the links below to update your AR SDK:

New to Wikitude? Download a free Wikitude SDK 8.7 trial version for testing purposes or contact our team to discuss upgrade possibilities.

To explore all SDK options, including smart glasses, plugins, and other dev tools, please access our download page:

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