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Top Augmented Reality Tutorials To Kick Off 2018

The beginning of a new year is often accompanied by a boosted motivation level and a fresh set of resolutions. Since striving to become a better programmer is definitely a 2018 goal for many of our fellow developers, Wikitude has decided to pitch in and encourage those who wish to follow through.

Don’t break the motivational flow and keep yourself busy by reviewing this fine selection of augmented reality programming tutorials.

Markerless AR with Wikitude, Unity, and SLAM technology

Learn how to detect ground planes, place augmented objects and set up the sample scene for instant tracking or SLAM technology. 

3D Object recognition and Tracking

Learn how to record your 3D object, build 3D trackers, and add effects to the AR scene.

Object Recognition from a distance

Learn how to create an AR app, using SDK 7, that can recognize objects from a far distance.

Multiple Target Tracking with Unity

Learn how to create a simple AR tower defense game using SDK 7.

Mobile AR with Object Tracking in Unity

Learn how to create an animated AR Aquarium.

Geo-based AR app

It’s still on time to learn how to make a Pokémon Go type app in three easy steps.

Instant Tracking with Unity

Remember the famous WikiTurtle app? This tutorial teaches you step-by-step how to create a floating 3D markerless AR turtle using Unity and Wikitude’s SLAM.

To put these tutorials to the test download a free trial of the Wikitude SDK to start working with a wide range of AR features, including 3D Markerless Tracking technology (SLAM), Object Recognition and Tracking, Image Recognition and Tracking, and Geo-location AR.

The Wikitude SDK allows developers to choose between using Native API, JavaScript API or other supported extensions and plugins such as Cordova, Titanium, Unity, Xamarin and even Adobe Air and Ionic 2.

Have specific AR questions? Access the Wikitude Forum to get extra support from a broad network of active developers worldwide.

For extra inspiration, navigate through Wikitude’s YouTube channel for use cases, presentations, AR features and much more.

Good luck with your 2018 AR endeavors!

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