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5 Tips to help pitch AR for your next project

You get it – AR is incredibly cool, and most definitely the wave of the future – but your client is still wondering if it’s time to ride the AR wave.

If you’ve pinpointed an excellent use-case for AR within a client’s project, we wanted to give you a few tools to help get them on board – and give you a product for your portfolio you can really be proud of!

Explain the added value

Let’s talk about flash – and not the Adobe kind. Sizzle, wow-factor, whatever you want to call it, AR has it. It not only lets you see the world around you – it skyrockets user engagement with interactive content. A customized AR-experience is one most attention-grabbing features an app can offer.

Acknowledge their bottom line, and show an ROI

You’re a business, and they’re a business – the extra spending has to be justified. The easiest way to do that? Show them a clear example of how AR can be linked directly to revenue – like in this video below from Takondi, one of Wikitude’s premium partners, showing how easily AR can be used to implement mobile commerce.

There’s a bunch of ways AR can help people make more money. Here’s a few of our favorites!
  • e-commerce – directly link real-world items to purchases
  • In-game purchases in an AR environment – you’ve seen the success of Pokémon Go – and remember virtual products have an excellent margin
  • Location-based deals – let users explore top deals near them (and guide them there)
  • Time-sensitive offers – reach people at the right time with the right offer
  • Augmented shopping – make every print material your user’s check out button Offer enhanced multimedia about products using 2D and 3D recognition
  • Premium apps – offer an entirely in-app shopping experience!

Show the future of AR – with the factsNATM3_triceratopsCam

Everyone keeps saying VR is going to be big – and AR is going to be even bigger. We’ve already given you 5 good reasons to get into AR right away – but to summarize: Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel estimates $130 billion of revenue in 2020 coming from AR. The big players are investing: Facebook, Google, Microsoft – three of tech’s biggest names are going in big on AR. In late 2014, Facebook spent $2 billion on Oculus Rift, Google sent half a billion to super-stealth start-up Magic Leap, and Microsoft is investing heavily to make the Hololense the must-have tech toy (and tool) of the future. And in case you need an already-happened example: Pokémon Go’s success adds $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value.

It’s actually pretty easy…

Excuse us while we toot our own horn, but, making AR easy is what we do. The Wikitude AR SDK is one of the most versatile tools available for developing mobile AR. You want to build your own Pokémon Go? You can do it with Wikitude.

…and most importantly, show them a demo

Seeing is believing. So why not show your clients the great things they can do with AR? It’s a lot easier to want something you can see right in front of you. So the best and most important advice when you’re pitching AR? Show them a demo. Here’s a few tips for doing that!
  • It’s best done live – find an AR app, either your own or from another company, and show them during an in-person meeting. If this means bringing the tools with you (like a magazine or product!) bring them with you!
  • Undersell, overshow – a good AR project speaks for itself. Rather than build it up, throw it out there as a casual aside – “Oh, have I shown you this cool trick?” *whips out phone*
  • Make sure it’s going to work! Do you need decent cellular data or Wifi? Nothing impresses less than stalled technology. Check your connection before you move forward
  • And speaking of doing demos – remember, you can always use the Wikitude demo license to win over your client!

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  1. Kyle Wayne says:

    I like that you mentioned showing a demo. My brother is looking to get into augmented reality but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a company that can give him a demo first.