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Roomle: Bring your plan to life with AR

Augmented reality is the ideal feature for planning and designing rooms and spaces. Whether you are planning a new office space, re-arranging a store disposition, building an architectural project, or rethinking your living room, Roomle brings your plans to life, powered by Wikitude’s SLAM technology. Roomle allows users to find furniture in one of the world’s most complete 3-D furniture catalog.

By Roomle

The integration of the SLAM technology was well manageable, although we are working on multiple platforms and with more apps. The engagement of the Wikitude team and the good support contributed enormously to the rapid implementation of the tool.
Andreas Atteneder, Developer | Roomle GmbH

Roomle is the world’s easiest AR space planner. Powered by Wikitude’s SLAM (instant tracking), the app turns iPad, laptop, and smartphone screens into your dream space with real-life quality 3-D and augmented reality.

With over 1500 3D and configurable products, Roomle, the app improves the shopping experience for furniture buyers and serves as the perfect sales tool for business in the furniture industry, without any previous training required.

Wikitude’s 3D tracking technology enables an accurate AR view for the app, while the user draws floor plans and chooses furniture according to their taste, independent of the space to be redesigned.

Roomle has helped users plan over 3 Million high-quality floor plans worldwide, giving an insight into how furniture will look in the actual space. Any brand product of Roomle´s 3-D catalog can be visualized in augmented reality using the camera of the mobile device or iPad.
Roomle can also assist sales professionals to close their next deal without moving a single furniture piece.

Sales staff can pick furniture from the brand catalog, configure it according to the customer’s preferences and demonstrate the result in convincing 3-D or augmented reality views, live in every room.
See it with your own eyes! The app is now available on iOS and Android worldwide.


  • Over 1500 3D and fully configurable products
  • 1.5+ Mio organic registered users worldwide
  • 1.5+ Mio downloads iPad/iPhone
  • 60.000+ monthly user base growth
  • 3 Mio+ high quality floor plans

Applied Technology:

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Wikitude SLAM (Instant Tracking)
  • Wikitude plugin for Unity

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