Wizzzi: AR game-based loyalty program for retailers

Wizzzi is an augmented reality game and loyalty program designed to help retailers increase customer loyalty and retention through interactive functionality, engaging kids and adults alike.


  • Wizzzi AR game-based loyalty program

Wizzzi is a gamified AR collectible game that helps retailers turn one-time customers into loyal ones, increase turnover, and distinguish themselves from the competition. The objective behind the experience is to increase the popularity of the brand and turn casual buyers into regular customers. AR component boosts customers’ interest in the brand and fuels the desire to collect a complete Wizzzi collection.


  • Create an innovative AR loyalty program

Knowing that consumer expectations grow up to 25% annually, it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to achieve long-term customer loyalty. The main goal of the Wizzzi AR game is to increase the loyalty of regular customers and attract new ones, thus increasing the average purchase costs and brand loyalty.


  • Collectible cards enhanced with AR game experiences

AR app: Wizzzi AR game [ App Store ] [Google Play ]

Looking to exceed the retail clients’ expectations, the studio has created a gamified loyalty powered by AR. Wizzzy game has 26 unique characters within a wizard universe, each presented on a separate collectible card. Characters come to life through augmented reality, interacting with each other. Users can take photos or videos with characters and print out play cards for the remote game. Wizzzi AR retail loyalty game is expected to increase in average spend and frequency of purchases.


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This AR feature is used to detect, track, and layer digital content on 2D images. Ideal for augmenting image targets, printed materials, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards, etc.

Why Wikitude?

We had a very ambitious experience planned out with 26 unique characters in a wizard universe. Wikitude made it really easy to create exceptional AR experiences to immerse the users in the gaming environment.

Ruslan Kapustin | Head of VR/AR| Skywell Software

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